❝You can eat my cake,❞

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I like being in the same room as you and your girlfriend, the fact that she don't know, really turns me on.. she'll never guess in a million years that we got this thing going on.

June looks down at the outfit that she had on before knocking on the front door that she was very familiar with. She had on a black dress that stopped a little above her knee with red six inch heels that took her almost two months to learn how to walk in, along with a red bracelet that Pac had got her on her last birthday.

Just as she was about to knock again, the door finally opens and she smiles when she sees Kidada standing there. Kidada smiles when she sees her best friend holding her favorite flowers in her hand.

"Happy birthday, Kidada!" June exclaims, holding the flowers out for her to take which she does. Kidada leans down and smells the flowers and she smiles more. "Those are the flowers you always talk about, right?"

"Yes!" Kidada responds, pulling June in for a big hug. "Thank you so much, babe!" she pulls back after a while and her eyes widen at the outfit her friend had on. "Your outfit is so fucking cute, June!"

I only wore it for your man. June says in her mind but she instead just says, "thank you, maybe you can borrow it sometime."

Kidada smiles and nods before backing up and allowing June to walk inside of her and Pac's mansion. She walks inside and the house was already filled with guests all over.

It wasn't too much of a surprise since Pac knew a lot of people and Kidada had a lot of friends and family; but June was a bit upset because that means she had to be extra careful with the gestures and words that she spoke to Pac.

She couldn't have anyone find out about the affair that she was having with her best friend's man because that would ruin everything; but then again, even if someone did find out about them, she don't think that she would be able to stop.

She wasn't in love with Pac of course, but there was this certain andredaline rush that she got whenever she was around both him and Kidada at the same time.

"Do you want some cake?"

June looks at the person who asked and she smiles, taking the cake with vanilla icing from the male. The man walks off and June roll her eyes. She hasn't been here no longer than three minutes and someone was already flirting with her.

June looks around the living room and her eyes lands on Eric and he was looking right back at her, the two of them have a staring contest for a while but he just gives her a disgusted look before looking back at the poker game that he was playing with Dre and three other dudes.

June chuckles and shakes her head. She tried to mess around with him too but he was too faithful to his wife of three years, no matter what she did or what she wore around him, he just would never give her the time of day which was a bit shocking and upsetting to her because she remembered back in highschool when he would chase after her but now that he got with that trick, he barely looked at her.

Kidada walks up and taps her on the shoulder and she turns, looking at her. "What was that about?" Kidada question, pretending to be fidgeting around with the flowers but was glancing at him from the side of her eye.

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