❝Now you're just showing off.❞

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Monica smiles as she bobs her head while rapping along to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. This was one of her favorite shows and the theme song for the show was so catchy that she couldn't help but rap along to it.

"I yelled to the cabbie, yo holmes, smell you later, I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel Air." she raps along, she always got so excited when she said the entire theme song without messing up.

The television cuts to a commercial break and she stands up, heading to her kitchen to fix her some popcorn to eat while watching the show since they were going to be doing an all night marathon.

She grabs the popcorn box and pours the tasty snack into the large red bowl that she had picked out earlier and puts it in the microwave.

She begins humming as she listens to the sound of the popcorn pop, for some reason, she loved popcorn and she would eat it for the rest of her life if she could.

Monica violently flinches at the loud thunder that practically shook the entire apartment building. "Damn," she curses, placing a hand over her racing heart, she was glad that there was no one else here because she would be more than embarrassed at the scream that had left her mouth.

She furrow her eyebrows as the lights suddenly begins flickering causing the microwave to repeatedly pause and start again. She sighs, knowing that the power was about to cut off and that she wouldn't be able to finish her show.

She unplugs the microwave, she would just finish the popcorn once the storm stopped, she didn't want to eat any half done food.

She walks back into the living room and sits down on the couch, deciding to finish watching the show until the power went out. She hoped that it wouldn't but whenever it stormed out here, the power would eventually cut off.


It seemed like this thunderstorm happened out of nowhere. The weather was perfect outside all day and all of a sudden, it was a thunderstorm.

She shifts in her seat and smiles when the show finally came back on, but before Uncle Phil could even say a complete sentence, she hears a knock at her front door and sighs.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" she mumbles before pressing the mute button on the television and walking to the black wooden door. "Who is it?" she questions but gets no response. "Who?"

"Open the door and you'll see!"

She sucks her teeth and stands on her toes to look out the peep hole. She stares at the person for a few seconds and her heart does a flip in her chest at the sight of the person standing on the other side.

She falls back to the soles of her feet and just stares at the door in shock and disbelief for a few seconds. She knew who the person was but she knew that it wasn't possible.

Pac died some months ago so she knew someone was either playing a very cruel prank on her or there was some paranormal shit going on. She would rather it be the first answer.

Pac laughs, "You gonna open the door or not?"

Monica furrow her eyebrows, still staring at the door.

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