❝Man, what you gonna do when I run out of money?❞

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I ain't saying she a gold digger,

but she ain't messing with no broke nigga.

               Tupac sighs, tapping his feet on the white tiled floor of the store that he and his girlfriend of a year had been in for nearly two hours now. He looks behind him at the dressing room that June was currently in, trying on different clothing.

              Pac was about to stand up to knock on the door and see what she was doing until he hears someone calls his name from behind him. He furrow his eyebrows before turning around where he sees three men and a female running up to him.

               “You're Tupac Shakur, right?” The female asks and he nods, giving her his million dollar smile causing her to happily jump up and down and let out a weird noise between a squeal and a scream. “You alright?” He laughs.

               “Can I have your autograph?” she asks him excitedly just as the three men finally catches up to the two of them. “I don't have any paper but you can write on my arm or something.”

               The girl passes him a blue ink pen and he takes it from her, grabbing her arm and turning it around so that it was showing her wrist. He then scribbles 2pac on her arm and she smiles widely, thanking him and repeatedly kissing all over his cheek and face.

                Any other day, he would probably find it strange and tell her to step away from him but she had a nice ass on her so he would give her a pass for today. The men walks up to him, asking for an autograph as well and they each have a small conversation and laughs at some of the things the other said.

               Their conversation lasted about five minutes until they finally walked off and he turns back around, just about ready to curse June out but she was already walking out of the dressing room.

              “Hey, baby,” she greets, walking out with what looked like thirty clothing items on her arm, she stands on her toes, pulling his face down and giving him a quick peck on the lips. “I didn't take too long, did I?”

               He shakes his head no and she smiles, grabbing his hand and begins pulling him towards the check out line. June begins placing the items on the counter one by one, her smile getting wider and wider with each clothing piece that she sits up.

               “Each outfit is so pretty, Tupac,” she tells him and he just nods his head, watching as the man rings up each item, the price on the small screen getting larger and larger with each clothing. “I can't wait for you to see what I got to wear for later on tonight.”

              He jerks his head back and looks over at his girlfriend in confusion. “We have plans tonight?”

               “Of course, silly,” she responds while lightly hitting his arm. “Don't you remember that new club that's opening around the corner from our house?”

              “You mean Ace and Spades?” He questions and she nods her head slowly as if he was dumb. “That club is expensive as hell, June.”

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