❝Just be happy..❞

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June chews on her bottom lip as she continues walking through the dark woods, she didn’t have on any shoes nor socks so she could only hope that she didn’t step on anything that may harm her in one way or the other. She really wished that she had thought about shoes before she left the house, but it was too late to turn back now — she was almost at the river that the two of them met each night.

               The woods were almost completely silent except the sound of the crickets and the deers running around in the distance. She hoped they were deers and not some wild animal that may kill her before she got where she was going.

               A big smile appears on her face when she finally arrives to her destination and sees the back of her boyfriends head. He was sitting on a long and wide log, staring blankly ahead at the flowing river. She bites her lip once more before walking towards him. She was always nervous whenever she met with him for some reason.

               She sits down next to him on the log and he continues staring at the river for a few more seconds while she stared up at the night sky that was littered with small stars that looked more like dots. He slowly looks away from the hypnotizing river and looks over at her and she looks back at him with a smile on her face.

               His eyes roamed across her face, studying each and every detail on her. He missed that face. He missed her.

               He stares at her a while more before letting out a small sigh and shaking his head. “You took those pills, didn’t you?” He questions, referring to the sleeping pills that the doctor had given her a few months back to help her sleep. She opens her mouth to deny but he interrupts her. “I know you don’t go to bed until about three in the morning, June.. it’s only eleven right now.”

               June was quiet. She knew that she had been caught, so there was no need to try and lie. “I wanted to see you,” she whispers, looking down at her hands that were interwined on her lap. “don’t you wanna see me?”

               “Of course I want to see you,” He responds before running a hand down his face with a sigh. “But that’s not healthy, you take those pills almost every night just to see me for a few hours.”

               “I just miss you, Pac. This is the only way that I can ever see you again.” June says softly. She would take a million sleeping pills if it meant that she would be able to see him.

               Pac was the love of her life since she was a kid and when he was gunned down a year ago back in September, she felt broken and hopeless and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t fall asleep. Her mother eventually got tired of June walking around like a zombie and took her to the hospital.

                The doctors didn’t do much but hand her some sleeping pills. She refused to take them at first, but then she started having strange hallucinations because of the lack of sleep that she was getting, and she finally took them.

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