❝Wait until I fall out of love with you.❞ (part two)

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June smiles a bit as she watches her boyfriend of seven months stare into the mirror and tries to fix the collar of his shirt, his eyes flickers over to her and she flashes him a warm smile in which he returns. Are you ready?" June asks him and he nods his head, looking at his appearance one last time before turning away from the mirror and walking towards her.

Michael holds out his hand in which she grabs without a second of hesitation - even though it's only been six months of the two of them dating, she felt as though she was already head over heels in love with him and vice versa. June had met Michael through Ashanti (then again, she met all of her boyfriends due to Ashanti), because Ashanti was tired of her best friend sulking around the house, eating ice cream and staring at photos of the old couple and reminiscing everyday, so she decided to set her up on a blind date.

Ashanti had told June that they were going to this new restaraunt that was recently built, she had June put on one of the most prettiest dresses that she could think of or find and then they rode to the place in silence. June didn't question why she had to put on such a fancy dress since the restaraunt was fancy itself.

Once they actually got there, Ashanti and June sat down for about fifteen minutes until Ashanti said she had to use the bathroom but instead of using the bathroom, she left the whole restaraunt.

June thought that she would only see or hear from Michael that one night because she was purposely being standoffish and an arrogant mess but the very next night, Michael called and asked if the two of them could meet up at a park - she realised that he was actually a pretty nice person and very well-mannered and very respectful towards women and kids (Not that she wanted any just yet).

The couple pull up to the club about fifteen minutes later and Michael opens his door and runs to the passenger side and opening the door for her to step out. Michael furrow his eyebrows and does a weird look with his face when he sees what she was wearing, she looks down at her outfit, suddenly feeling insecure.

"Hold on," he says and takes a few steps back and he tilts his head to the side. "turn around for me," she does as he says and he shakes his head. "How did I not compliment you on how fucking beautiful you were looking tonight?"

June laughs and slaps his shoulder, locking arms with him as the two of them walk up to the club and show them IDs, the two of them could get into clubs without having two wait an hour and thirty minutes since June was still known as Tupac's ex girlfriend, which also allowed them to get VIP passes even though Michael had a lot of money and didn't need to be associated with someone, just to get passes to VIP.

The two of them begin walking upstairs, even though June had been VIP countless times, she was still amazed by how beautiful and decorated things were. June and Michael sits down on the white leather couch on the far side of the room and zone out everyone else as the two of them start communicating and talking, sometimes joining in on the conversation with the other people.

The two of them had been sitting there for almost twenty minutes when another group of people walk up causing June to groan a bit, there was at least seven people in their little group and it looked as if they would be screaming and yelling at each other the entire time.

Michaels pager starts beeping and he pulls it out of his pocket and looks down at it and sighs, shaking his head. "Mama paging me again," he informs and June nods her head. "I'm about to go somewhere a bit more quiet. I'll be back in about fifteen - twenty minutes."

Michael taps her leg twice before standing up and stalking his way away from the noise that the newly added group was making.

June lets out a sigh, leaning back against the couch and closing her eyes for a bit. Ever since she's been with Michael, she noticed that she's been a lot happier, had more energy and even got a bit thicker in the backside and chest area.

June suddenly feels someone standing above her and she knew that it couldn't had been Michael since he left only a few seconds ago so she opens her eyes and her eyebrows raises in surprise at the person who was standing before her. "Pac," she exclaims with a big smile, "How you been doing?"

He sucks his teeth, a smile playing at his face and he shakes his head. He leans in for a hug, which she accepts. "Not too good," He admits honestly, she wasn't expecting that answer so she just nods awkwardly. "Really, I think I just miss you."

Hug ruined.

June pulls back and roll her eyes, scoffing. "What, you stopped loving Cinnamon, too? Bored already?"

"Look, I thought I knew what I had wanted with her but honestly, I didn't. I made a mistake and I wanna fix --"

"You can't," June cuts him off and he jerks his head back, he remembered when June would be practically crying of joy if he said that he wanted her back. "I've moved on. I'm happy. I'm free. I'm in love,"

Tupac doesn't respond but she continues anyways, "You said that I should go and find someone who made me happy - you said that I deserved the best of the best and I found that person six months ago.. and I'm sorry but that person just isn't you."

Pac opens his mouth to speak but she cuts him off and continues once again, "Pac, I would forever and always care about you and have feelings towards you but that feeling just isn't love anymore.." she tells him and he swallows, looking down guiltily.

He remembered those words as if it had happened yesterday evening:

He looks down at her and puts both hands down on her shoulder. "June, listen to me - I would always and forever have some kind of feeling towards you but it's just not love anymore.. I care for you a lot and I think you deserve the best of the best and that isn't me."

He breaks out of the short flashback, and continues listening to what she was saying. The dude who she was with earlier walks back inside and he furrow his eyebrows when he sees Tupac standing there in front of her.

June turns around and smiles at Michael.

"Are you ready to go, baby?" she questions and he nods his head, reaching his arm out and grabbing her hand, the two of them walk off, leaving Pac standing there, looking shocked. "One more thing," June says, stopping her and Michael in their tracks, holding up her index finger. "I would wish you the best but I am the best and I was the best goddamn thing that ever happened to you."

AUTHOR SPEAKS; @globabyken , I would like to thank you for the idea and I know it's not the best but I was still a bit blank on what to write. Thank you!

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