Down the drain

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I always get what I want. Starting with great parents. Only child, come on who doesn't like getting spoiled by their parents?

Some people say it's lonely being an only child. Well for me? I take advantage of it. I'm getting spoiled and as long as I'm happy and my parents doesn't have to deal with any other annoying kids. It's all good right?

Then I graduate college with out and depts. And bonus points of being an only child. My parents don't have to work super hard again for their other kids college fees. They only had one to deal with. It's all great for them.

I also have an awesome job at the hair parlour. Which also pays great money. As well as some awesome friends I have, and we always stick together.

Last but not least. My amazing boyfriend Zachary Miliffa. I promise you he's the best boyfriend any girl could ask for. His nice, sweet, caring, funny, loyal, and did I tell you he's super hot? And also very muscular?

I'm not that gorgeous to be a super hot model. I have brown chocolate eyes. Like my mothers. And dark brown wavy hair like my dad. Yes my dad had wavy hair. My mom tells me my dad was a super hot model and it was because of his wavy hair.

Dad never says anything about their past but my mom does.

"Pheww push ups are so hard. I'm glad that their done." I whispered to my bestfriend Melissa who was besides me on her yoga matt.

She laughed quietly.

I was never a fan of exercising but ever since I started dating Zac I've told myself I needed to lose weight.

It pissed me off whenever me and Zac goes to places like the beach and girls are bad talking me and my body. So I decided to exercise. And I'm proud I've lost a lot of weight and all. But still it's hard to exercise. Well for me it is.

And no eating a lot of meat is very hard for me.

But then I see Zac smiling more since I've been doing well and my health is getting back on track. So I bite my lip and smile back. For, him, yes Maine, your suffering for him. I always tell myself.

I quickly showered and got ready to meet up with Zac at the park. It was our 4th year anniversary.

I dressed up in a red lacy flower dress. And some velvety red sandals. I was glad that my hair was naturally wavy so it saved me time to fix my hair.

I put on some light makeup and got dropped off to the park by my mom.

There I see Zac sitting on the white bench surrounded by flowers. When he sees me he immediately stands up.

"Hey." I smiled putting a strand of my wavy hair behind my ear.

"Hey, listen I have to talk to you."

"Me too!" I said in excitement. I wanna give him my present when he says something that I almost didn't hear.

"I'm breaking up with you."

He said in a cold, and heartless way.

It was like I got swirled into those white and dark swirly things that happens in cartoons or anime when the characters discovers something bad.

And just like that he left and drove off. Without explaining anything.

I went and threw my gift for him that day in a green trash can in the park. The gift was a brand new watch that took me months to save my money to buy. It was wrapped in some wrapping paper. It was in a Red box that had Z & M carved in silver, on the lid of the box when you open it.

It also started raining out of the blue. Which made it feel a hundred times worse.

I opened the door. "How was your date honey?" My mom asked, she was in the kitchen and which I think was making some corn soup. Which I needed right now.

"Absolutely the worse." I spat and went upstairs. Mom looked at me weirdly.

That night I cried myself to sleep.

"What happened? I thought he loved me and cherishes me?" I cried a river of tears.

I could never forget that day when I found out loving someone is hard and its not always going to be how you want it.

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