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Mr. Rose's pov

I gritted my teeth. Everything in this company has been a disaster ever since Enna and Robert left. Now there son is taking over.

Why not he's sister? No clue. Emily was sure better for this job than his little brother Zach.

Some of the workers in the cafeteria got food poisoning. Zach almost didn't get Mr. Karen's company. Did I tell you how he never gets his work done?!

He just sits on his chair and looks outside the view of his glass window.

And now that girl Maine. Is back in his life and now he's becoming more of a mess. And he doesn't have the guts to fire her.

Why did that Jaden dude give Maine that card?

"Take a deep breath Henry, don't take in all this stress, you're getting old."

"You really should retire Mr. Rose." Scarlett giggled.

"And I heard the retire money is big!" Riley exclaimed. I glared at both of them. They started working here when Enna and Robert were about to retire.

"You two focus on your work." I spat and walked to the elevator to Zach's office.

I heard them giggling, I turned around and they both quiet down. I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

I am getting too old for this.

I walked closer and closer to his office. I wonder how the five did on cleaning the bathroom.

As I opened the door I was shocked. Very shock.

"I-I can explain!" Maine screeched.

"Um." Zach was lying on the bed asleep without a shirt. And a towel on his forehead. I glared at Ms. Maine. "You better start talking Ms. Maine."

"I-I okay." She took a deep breath. "You see I loss a rock paper scissor game to clean this bathroom and I knocked on the door but noone was here. So I entered myself in. Which is rude I know. But when I went to Mr. Miliffa's bathroom everything was clean. So I was about to leave. But then Mr. Miliffa entered his office and he fell on the floor. He was drunk and I helped him to the bathroom and he puked then I helped him on the couch and he was sweating hard and breathing rapidly. I checked his forehead and it was burning hot. So I grabbed some towels and rinsed them. And umm. I took off his shirts and cleaned his chest and I put another towel on his forehead." She took a lot of breaths to get some air after that whole paragraph she spoke.

"You didn't have to explain every detail." I rolled my eyes.

"Oh, I see." She looked away shyly.

"Well you can go now. Thank you for what you did."

"Okay." She stood up and looked at Zach one last time and left.

I looked at Zach. His cheeks were all red and thanks to Maine he wasn't sweating anymore.

The only weird thing was, he was smiling.

Foolish boy. I smiled.

Maine's pov

I can't believe that just happened.

I took a cab and went home.

I entered inside to smell my moms cooking. "How was work sweetie?" She asked a bit nicely.

"Mom I've been going to work for a few days now you don't have to say that all the time." I sighed.

"Yes, but I'm just proud. You're finally working after a three years! We're having a celebration. I made seafood!"

"Okay mom, I'll just go upstairs and clean myself up."


The first day from work when I came home there was a feast on the table. Mom says it's a celebration. I'm glad she made a lot of food. But I'm actually on a diet. I've been running every morning.

Zac's pov

"Oh dang I have a huge headache." I opened the fridge and got some water.

"And who's fault was that?" Mr. Rose said tapping his foot impatiently by the table.

"Ugh. It's because of Mr. Maren. He had to give me seafood, and I had to be nice so I excepted it." I yawned.

"You could've just said you were extremely allergic to seafood. Good thing he only gave you a piece of shrimp, if not-"

"Okay, okay. I know. Stop with the talking I'm seriously having a huge headache right now." I rubbed the top of my nose.

"Okay." Mr. Rose said through greeted teeth. I know I should be kind to people older than me, but I can't help it. I can't deal with anyone's chit chat right now.

"Get ready and we'll head out." Mr. Rose went outside. "I'll wait for you."

I looked at myself in my bathroom mirror. I didn't have a shirt on. I couldn't help it, I was sweating like hell last night.

I wonder who took me home. Well of course it was Mr. Rose from last night.

"Zach! Put your shirt on and let's go!" I woke up to a sudden noise. Why was I on the couch, and why didn't I have a shirt on?

I was soo tired too.

"Okay." I rubbed my eyes, put my shirt on and went in the car to my house and slept on my comfortable bed. Somehow I felt someone dabbing a wet towel on my chest. She was gentle. And she smelled really sweet too.

"Ughhhh, just go to sleep already!" I told myself.

I've been too careless lately. I need to get my act together.

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