His Girlfriend

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Today was a lazy day for me. I got ready to go to work my dad was going to take me to work. He wanted to see where I was working at. "Is this were you work at?" My dad asked, he was looking at the huge building.

"Yah." I said making sure I had everything in my bag.

"Miliffa, hmm." He mumbled.

"Well thanks dad, I'll see you later." I kiss my dad on the cheek and left his car, waving him goodbye while smiling then entering the building.

My smile disappeared after I entered the spinning glass doors.

Thinking of Zachary being in the same building I'm in was awkward and humiliating. Awkward cause he kissed me. And humiliating because he said it was an accident and he even told me to forget about it.

Can you believe that?

I sighed and smiled at Riley and Scarlett who waved back.

I'm kind of getting close with them. After work when it wasn't that busy, we three have small conversations, mostly about our lives.

Turns out Scarlett got engaged to a British actor. And Riley is finally done college. She's way younger than I thought she was.

I went in the elevator with this unusual looking guy, he had red hair like he just came from the circus, with strapped red pants. I was going to press the 5th floor when he pressed it first.

"Oh, um sorry-" he squeaked which almost made me laugh. "I'm sorry." He cleared his throat. And you know what's shocking? When he said those two words he was like a total different person.

"Your voice?......." I said shockingly.

"Yeah, I know." His voice went 100 times lower. "I'm a voice actor and I can change my voice, from high." He went higher. "To low." He went back to the same deep low voice.

"That's cool." I smiled nervously, this was a weird conversation.


"Well good to see you-" I stepped out of the elevator remembering I don't know his name.

"Scott. You can call me Scott." He smiled and waved his hand.

I waved my hand back.

Well that was weird.

When I opened the door to our office, faces were automatically turned my way.

"Where have you been?" After an awkward of silence Melida asked.

"Umm... Home?"

"No silly, Melida means why was that Daniella girl here the other day instead of you?" Jack asked. He was looking at his nails which was surprisingly shiny and glossy. But who am I kidding, nothing surprises me about what he does.

A couple days ago I went to the girls bathroom to see Jack inside puckering his lips in the mirror while smoothing his hair. Which was a white wavy wig.

"Umm?" I asked surprised.

"Hey sweetie." Jack was more girlish when he talked to me that day.

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