The Party

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Maine's pov

I was very tired. Zach has been making me do all this things that ate my energy, like get him lunch from an Italian store 4 blocks from the company. I asked why can't I just order the food or get a cab?

Well the ignorant Zach told me to "Do what I say."

I feel bad for Mr. Rose, being this guy's assistant isn't easy. Especially in Mr. Rose's state right now his old body will give up sooner or later.

Now I'm coming back with a cup of water. I opened the door seeing him busy on his computer. I clenched my jaw when I saw the donuts he wanted me to buy, 2 blocks away from the company, was still on his desk, untouched. It was like he was doing this on purpose making me quit being his assistant. And I tell you that's what I really want right now.

"Here's your water." Nothing, no response. I took a deep breath and set the cup of water beside the box of donuts.

Then I left the room relaxing on a couch in a room where you can make coffee with a tv on the wall.

I suddenly remembered how much C/n loved sweets when we were dating. Whenever we go somewhere he'll go to a bakery shop or the ice cream store. Those were good times. Ugh stop remembering the past Maine!

I got a text from Zach. Yes, he gave me his work number so whenever he needs me he can just text me. It's weird having his work number, I know it's only for work, but still.

"Come to my office." He texted.

I sat up and took a deep breath. Ok here we go, what does he want now.

I opened the door to his office to see him on his phone. "Yes? You texted me." He cleared his throat and put his phone down, I walked closer to his desk, but staying away from him.

"You are going to a party with me.

"What?!" He clenched his jaw clearly annoyed that I yelled at him, but what does he want me to do? Him announcing all of a sudden that he wants to go to a party with me is confusing and shocking.

"Relax, it's a party to celebrate the current success in the company, you're my assistant so you have to come with me." He simply said looking at some papers. I thought this day would be simple, but nope. I have to go to a party.

"Will all the workers attend?" I asked.

"Yes." He looked at me with a blank expression and looked down writing something on a paper.

"Contact this number and tell them that the building will close at 6:00 pm sharp." He hand me the paper and dismissed me from his office and I did what he told me to do.

Two hours later.

When I went to the main lobby it was hectic! Everyone were places to decorate, it was like they just announced that there was a party here just this morning. Once again the cafeteria was getting decorated into something fancy, and they told me it was closed for now.

So I went outside the building and grabbed a few snacks by a near by bakery.

As I went back I was immediately confronted by Scarlett one of the girls that worked in the front. "Hey Maine. This is for you." She handed me a big white box. With a white ribbon wrapped around it.

"What's this for?"

"You're Mr. Millifa's assistant right?" I nodded. "Well this is what you're wearing at the party." She smiled and before I can ask anything she left. Great just great.

When I opened the white box there was a paper saying the party was at 7:00, it was 6:30 right now. I took the tissue paper that was covered on top of the dress and I was shocked. It was a red dress with a V neck that showed your back, and it wasn't really in my comfort zone.

It was now 7 and I went to my house real quick to shower and put on a little bit of makeup and tried on the dress, and I was shocked when I saw myself on my mirror

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It was now 7 and I went to my house real quick to shower and put on a little bit of makeup and tried on the dress, and I was shocked when I saw myself on my mirror. Never in the world would've I worn this.

I got a ride from my mom and she was shocked to see me on this dress.

I opened the door and once again I was completely shocked. The main lobby looked like a ballroom from castles. The front desk transformed into a fancy one that welcomed guess. I walked to the cafeteria, well what I once called cafeteria.

It looked amazing with round tables with white tablecloths. There were also fairy lights hung up on the roof with a.... chandelier?!

It was amazing what they could do in a short time.

Then I see Zach, with a crowd of people on him. But there were the same woman and man with grey hair I saw when we served them food. Could that be his parents?

I never actually seen his parents.

Then he saw me and his eyes widened when he looked at my dress, I felt self conscious now. Thanks a lot Zachary.

"Is the mic on, oh yes it is. Hello everyone! Welcome to the party celebrating the current success in Miliffa! And can you believe it? Ever since Zachary Miliffa. Enna and Robert Miliffa's son, took over the company the financials went up to 10%!" A girl announced on a stage, yes they put a stage in the cafeteria. Everyone gasped and clapped their hands looking at Zach, but his attention was all at me.

Then the woman beside him hit him on the side with her elbow grabbing his attention.

Zachary and his parents went up on the stage, and Emily her older sister was also there. Zachary talked about how thankful he is with all the people who worked here and blah blah blah.

Where is Melida and the others?

I was looking for them but they weren't at the room we worked in, and so was Daniella. I checked the last floor and still they were nowhere to be found.

Suddenly I bumped into a guy that looked like a model. "I am so sorry!" I bowed my head.

"It's fine." He smiled. OH MY GOSHH HIS ACCENT!

He had a British accent, and his hair was blonde with blue eyes, he was dreamy. But now as dreamy as... why am I thinking about him?!

"Take a picture it'll last longer." He smiled flirtatiously.

"What-" Suddenly I hear someone clear his throat. I turn around to see Zach, and he looked pissed, very pissed.

"Zach." The British guy said, do they know each other?

"Noah." Zach said wiith clenched teeth.

"Zach- I mean sir." I said.

"Do you know him?" Noah asked me.

"Yes, she does in fact I need her right now." Zach said irritatedly. Grabbing my wrist and pulling me into his office shutting his door with a bang. He then pushed me against the wall and looked at me with dark eyes.

"What the hell do you think you were doing?!" He yelled.


"You do not talk to guys like that except for me! And what the fuck do you think you're wearing! You will not wear things like this in front of dirty guys. Do you understand Maine? You are mine?!" He then smashed his lips on mine.

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