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As I was about to knock on Zach's office door Mr. Rose came out. It was like he was thinking too hard because he didn't even know I was in front of him.

"Oh." He says suddenly he clears his throat, it was like a different Mr. Rose.

I was surprise by his voice. He usually acts so formal. Considering his age.

"What are you doing here Ms. Lessy." He says in a professional tone.

"Riley said that you needed to talk to me?" I asked confused.

Why am I always in this position?

Why do I always get asked for help.

He's probably going to assign me to a task and if I fail I have to do something gross or its torture-

"Never mind, I already found someone to do it." He said in a bored manner. "Have a good day." He walked away.

"Oh." Well that was weird.

"Huh. So he just dismissed you just like that?" Melida said going through her papers.

"Well I wouldn't say dismissed."

What is he my teacher?

"Ehh, who cares. Oh do you wanna come help me tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" It was Saturday and it was usually the day my mom does her weird book club.

And I don't to be a part of it.

"Yeah. She moves closer and whispered. "It's for my brother."

"I see." I looked around everyone was focus on their work unlike us.

I was going to decline because my mother forced me to try out her book club.

It was full of old people though so that's going to be weird.

I looked at her face and she was almost begging me to come. I've never seen this side of Melida.

Since she's always so bossy. "Sure." I smiled.

"Yay! You're the best!" She hugged me.

"Guys keep it down." James said glaring at us.

Me and Melida both sat down.

"Oh sorry." She said to him.

Yes, James came back and he seemed a bit off lately, no really off.

"Sweetie you are going to help me in my book club tomorrow right?"

"About that." I was sitting on the couch watching my favourite shows. It's been so long that I watched them because I'm so busy at work.

"Yes?" She looked at me trying to be polite but I could tell she was annoyed, because she already knows I'm going somewhere.

"My friend Melida, I've told you about her. She wanted help to look for some fancy clothes for her little brother. Since they're doing this talent show thing. So she asked me to help her tomorrow. She usually doesn't need my help but she seemed desperate so I said yes." I said really fast.

"And you know I can't turn down people, that's what you taught me mom." I smiled.

"Ugh, Fine. I'll just do everything by myself then." She groaned.

"You've been doing book club for months." She glared at me.

I smiled innocently. She roles her eyes and stomped away to the kitchen.


Zero for you mom.

I woke up early the next day and yes it was Saturday my day off day.

Where I stay at home and do nothing but watch tv shows.

I groaned remembering I have to help Melida. But I remembered that if I don't I have to help mom and her book club full of old people.

So I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom and got ready.

I went to my walk in closet deciding what to where.

Yes I had a walk in closet. Jealous aren't you?

Although most of the clothes in it I don't wear since I hate dressing up unless special occasions.

Maine is time to change. You need to get out there more. New life, new friends, new job (kind of), and new, and new, and new.

I can't think of anything else.

"Whoa I did not know I own this." I said holding up a white skirt that had buttons on the side, and a white top.

With a pink shoulder bag.

Wow I look good I do say so myself.

"Hey." I said entering Melida's red car.

"Hey I'm so glad you came."

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I thought you'd turn me down the last minute."

"I wouldn't do that." I smiled. Unless my bossy mother forced me to help her like she forced me to take this job.

"So we're going to where?"

"You know the big water fountain and there's shops around it?"


"That one."

"I see."

An hour later

We've been looking around and Melida shopping, I never knew she likes clothes so much.

"Thank goodness, we finally found an outfit."

"Thankfully." I said wiping my forehead. We'd been walking forever.

I really need to exercise more.

"Hey want ice cream?" Ice cream?!

Heck yeah!

"Yeah!" I yelled a bit too loudly since people looked at me weirdly.

"Oh ok I'll buy us some, what do you what?"

"I just want plain vanilla right now." I said.

"Ok I'll get them-"

"Melida?!" A voice sad from a afar.

We turned around to a blonde girl who's was wearing a jean jacket and a dress.

"Oh my gosh, Kailey!" Melida screeched and ran to her.

Wow I never knew Melida could be so excited.

They started talking and Melida introduced me to her. She was her bestfriend in highshool.

She moved abroad so they sorta lost connection.

She has a little girl name Barbie, who was 5 years old.

"I'm really sorry Maine but I really have to help Kailey. She has some problems right now. Thanks a lot for helping me with this." She smiled holding up a plastic bag that had clothes for his brother.

"Uh yeah sure."

"We'll see yah!"

And just like that she left.

And I don't have a ride home.

Great, just great.

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