Awkward Car Ride

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I was walking just wondering about my life when I looked around my surroundings.

Where am I?!

There were no signs to be found. I was in a street that looked almost abandoned.

No one to be seen. Some of the doors from empty looking stores were almost falling apart.


I heard a sound behind me and I shrieked.

Shivers were running down my spine.

I gotta get outta here!!

It was getting darker. I couldn't look at my phone for the time or even call my mom cause it was low battery.

When you need something the most it bails on you right?

It was also getting very cold.

I should've never worn a freaking skirt.

I'll never wear this type of clothing ever again!!

Beep Beep.

I moved out of the road to the sidewalk.

Suddenly a window rolled down. It was Mr. Rose.

Mr. Rose pov

"So Ms. Owens already made plans?" I asked Zach looking at him in the rear view mirror.

"Yes." It was still surprising seeing him do work before going to dinner with Ms. Owens.

"Okay then." I said. If Ms. Owens already made plans there was no way to get out of it.

Suddenly there was a girl wearing a white outfit just walking in the middle of the road swinging her shoulder bag around.

Well look who it is. I wonder what she's doing here so late at night.

She looks like a drunk woman.

"Stop the car." Zachary suddenly says making me a bit shock.

"Okay sir." I rolled down the windows seeing her looked surprise. She also looked like she was about to cry.

"Well well look who it is." I faked a smile. "Ms. Lessy What are you doing here so late at night?"

"I- uh- I guess I got ditched and I got lost?" She smiled almost laughing. That made me almost chuckle.

I felt someone glaring at me.

I smiled to myself. Looks like someone's mad.

Maine's pov

"I'll drop you off." He said. I hesitated but got in the front seat.

It was surprising to see Mr. Rose, it was also surprising when he told me he'll drop me off.

But you know what's surprising the most? Knowing that he was in the same car as I was in.

I could feel his piercing stare from behind.

"So Ms. Lessy where do you live?" Mr. Rose broke off the silence.

"10 mins from Main Street, on the east side." I said uncomfortably knowing that Zachary was here.

I still couldn't stand to see him, every time I looked at his face it reminded me of the incident at the party.

"That's 30 mins away from here. And Mr. Miliffa has an important dinner to attend to." He glanced at Zach from the rear view mirror.

"Oh." This was awkward.

It was now 8 pm according to the time in the car.

Guess I'll walk, but what did that do? It got me lost anyway.

"I don't think Ms. Owens is willing to wait. So why don't you tag along?"

I looked at him.

He was staring in the rear view mirror again. With a smirk on his face.

"I uh- I don't think-" I tried to say but I got interrupted.

"There won't be no need for that Mr. Rose, you will drop her off after you drop me off at the restaurant." Zach said with a cold voice.


Does he really hate me that much? He's so willingly to get rid of me.

I didn't know why but my eyes started to water. STOP IT MAINE. There's no need to shed tears for him.

"As you wish, sir." Mr. Rose said obediently.

Zachary's pov

"You promised to come, plus I already made reservations." She whined through the phone.

I sighed rubbing my temples.

I was so tired, that I forgot Kaitlyn made plans to have dinner with me.

"Fine, but I'll be a bit late I still have some work to do." I looked at the small pile on my table.

"Yay!" She shrieked in excitement.

I smiled.

"8 pm sharp! At my favourite steak restaurant."

"I know, I know you told me." I started signing some paper.

"Oh, sorry well I'll see you there! Bye!"

"Bye." She ended the call.

I wanted to tell her something important. About our relationship.

An hour later.

"Sir it's time to go home." Mr. Rose entered my office.

I was finally finished, I would've been done a half an hour ago, but I had to reply to my emails.

"Change of plan. We are going to the Kaitlyn's favourite steak house." I put on my blazer and fixed my tie.

"The one in the Northeast?"

"Yes." I looked at my watch. It was now 7:30 pm.

"As you wish, sir."

"I'll seat at the back, I forgot I still need to do some work." I sighed, sitting in the back seat.

I completely forgot I had to call some clients and I had to read some documents for the new building I'm going to buy.

"Ok sir." I could tell he was surprise by his expression.

Yes, I've been actually focusing on my job, ever since the incident at the party. I needed to do something to take my mind off it.

I was reading the documents, completely bored, when I saw someone way too familiar.

What is she doing in this street all alone at this hour?

Anger boiled through me. I didn't know why, but seeing her being so careless made me angry.

"Stop the car." I said urgently.

I didn't know why I was so stupid to give her a ride.

Especially how she was talking to Mr. Rose. Where they close or something?

It made me feel jealous?

Stop it Zach. You will not let her get the best of you. You will not let her into your life. You promised.

You promised.

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