3rd Wheel

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Maine's pov

The car ride was silent and I couldn't take it any longer. I wanted to jump out.


Why do you have to be so ignorant and rude.

I was planning my escape when suddenly the car slowed down.

"If you're planning to jump out, don't bother, we're already here."  Mr. Rose said scaring the living h*ll out of me.

"I-don't know w-what you're talking about." I said nervously.

I heard the door shut.

I see Zachary walking toward the fancy looking restaurant.

It looked too fancy, with a gold looking ceiling and glass doors.

It said STEAK on it. Wow what a brilliant name. Note the sarcasm.

Mr. Rose was getting ready to leave. So he can drop me off, when suddenly a girl in her young 20's came running out of the fancy looking restaurant.

"You're late!" She yelled. As she got closer to the light I could see her features.

She had light blonde hair in small curls. She also had green eyes.

She was wearing a white summer looking dress that also looked formal.

What's wrong with my descriptions today?

She pointed her finger on Zachary's chest.

"Sorry we had to deal with something." He looked the other way. He wasn't facing me but I could tell he was talking about me.

They had their conversations while I stared out the window watching them. Like the noisy person I am.

"Let's ask Henry to join us, he must be hungry." The girl said, her voice was starting to annoy me.

Wait a second. That voice.

"I want to, I want to be a good girlfriend." A girl said in a flirty voice.

Don't tell me she's Zachary's girlfriend...

"I don't think he's hungry-" Zachary tried to stop her but she ignored him and walked forward to the car.

"Henry-" Her smile dropped when she saw me.

Well this was awkward.

In these situations I would usually try to crouch down or something so she can see Mr. Rose. but I just stared straight at her.

Wanting to rip off the thick makeup on her face.

We had a stare down for a couple of seconds. But she broke it off. "Hey! Who are you?" She asked.

Who are you? Seriously? What am I a lost child?


"Hi, my name's Maine."

"Hey Maine, my name is Kaitlyn."

"Ok." This was a nice conversation. Not.

"Henry want to join us?" She completely ignored me.

"No thanks Ms. Owen I'm not hungry."

Wait a second that name sounds

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