Bad and Good

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"What are you so busy typing about?" I asked Melida. She was typing very fast not on her computer but phone.

"I have to get some schedules ready." She said.

"For what?"

She looked at me in a "are you serious" look. "You didn't know?"

"Know what?" I said annoyed.

"Our group and some other group are joining Mr. Miliffa at a vacation business thing."

"What?" I asked.

"Mr. Miliffa well basically his parents wanted to celebrate the success of the dealership with the Australian dealer. They set up a vacation for us at Kaitlyn's resort. You know Mr. Miliffa's girlfriend." Patrick said.

Wait what? A vacation with Zachary at his girlfriends resort?

"I know isn't it exciting? I heard his girlfriend is super rich and they own a very expensive resort in Florida." Melida said.

"Guys get back to work and talk about this later." James said annoyed.

Melida sighed. "Fine. Hey Maine we should go shopping. All of us." Melida said in excitement.

"Sure it'll be fun." Patrick smiled.

"I'm out." James said. He's such a party pooper.

"Fine." Jack said looking at me.

He's been looking at me a couple times now. He would give me that look when you think I did something wrong.

I just ignored him.

After our work we decided to freshen up and meet at the mall. I haven't seen Zachary and deep down inside I'm a bit sad I didn't see his handsome face.

Ugh. Handsome face?

I decided to wear a flowery dress and went to the mall. I saw the others near a food table.

"Hey pretty dress!" Melida said. She was wearing a top and shorts.

Patrick had a white hat that was floppy.

We started going to places and I couldn't help but notice Jack staring at me.

"What's up with you? You've been giving me stares and it's freaking me out." I said when Patrick and Melida were checking some clothes.

"Nothing." Jack said.

"Tell me already." I said annoyed.

"Fine. Why did Mr. Miliffa escort you home from the club the other day? He looked so protective of you." He said in a curious voice.

I was shocked.

"Why does it matter?"

He smirked. "Why? Because our boss never does that for a random girl he doesn't really talk with. Unless you guys are hiding a secret relationship."

"Be quiet! It's not like that! He's dating someone else. Why would he date me?" I said embarrassed. I didn't want the world to know that I used to date Zachary. It'll be probably good for the both of us. Especially him.

Jack smiled at me and left.

That guy.

We ate some food and then went home. The vacation was in two weeks. I decided to prepare my stuff so I wouldn't have to do so later.

I set my medium luggage on my bed. It was light blue that me and my mom bought when it was on sale.

Melida told me that we were staying in the resort for a week. So I packed a week of clothes. Some pyjamas, a couple of dresses, swimsuits, and the other stuff.

"Hey where are you going?" My mom asked standing by my door. She was holding a sketchbook.

"My co-worker and I are having a trip to a resort in Florida for a week. It was our bosses treat for us because we've been doing good in work. I don't know the rest of it."

"When is the trip?" She put the sketchbook she was holding on my bed.

"In two weeks."

She laughed. "You're always preparing so early. What's the fun in that?"

"So I won't forget anything the last minute." I said looking at my mom. She was the opposite of me. When I was young my mom would want to go to a vacation in the last minute.

Unlike my dad who prepares things ahead of time.

"You sure got that from your dad." She said laughing. "Have fun at the trip. Tell me all the details of your boss." She said the last part in a unusual voice.

I looked at her but she already left my room.

Why would she want to know anything about Zachary?

My mom never knew Zachary and I dated because I never said anything. I was too afraid. My mom doesn't really like me dating someone until the right age.

Why is she so into about my love life? Which doesn't even exist.

Work went as usual I would see Zachary a few times but he would just look at me and look away quickly. Like he was ignoring me.

I sighed and sat down on my desk.

"What's wrong?" Melida asked.

"Nothing." I hate that I get my hopes up but then it just disappears and lets me down.

"Did you bump into our boss and he didn't admire your existence?" Jack said blankly.

I couldn't say anything. "No." I glared at him.

"Why would you think of that? It's not like Maine has a secret relationship with our boss." Melida said.

Jack smirked. "Yeah."

James looked at me but looked away.

I just wanted to finish everything and go home.

I was in a bad mood. I just wanted to shower and sleep.

I was walking to the door to leave after I was finish work when I bumped into something. Something hard.

I looked up to see the same brown chocolate eyes staring down at me.

My heartbeat quickened.

"Sorry." I said irritatingly. I was annoyed.

I was about to leave when he put his hands on my waist. It was gentle and I froze.

"Maine." He whispered.

"Zachary!" I heard a guy said with a British accent. Mr. Rose of course.

Zachary let go of my waist.

I took that as a chance to leave.

"Hey." I heard Zachary say.

I turned around to see him talking to Mr. Rose about something.

I put my hand on my chest. My heart was beating fast.

What just happened?

I went home and took a shower and sat on my bed. Why would he do that. Why did he think putting his hands on my waist was allowed. Did he think I was some person who would think it was okay? Ughh.

I had so many thoughts running in my mind.

After my hair dried I decided to sleep. I was getting sleepy.

All I remembered before I fell asleep was his voice. "Maine." His husky sweet voice.

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