Longing and Learning

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I broke our belongings

They're all on the floor

The room is now empty

Nothing left to throw


Everyone knew your soulmate string didn't appear until you were at least 10 years old. People need time to grow and mature before destiny could make the perfect match. Which is why my parents were shocked to see my soulmate string tied delicately around my tiny baby finger.

"She's a special one. I've never seen that before and I've been a midwife for a long time." My mother was told as she held me in her arms.

"My special little [Y/n]." She whispered, wrapping her finger slowly around my sparkling red string.

Somewhere across the country, a golden boy's string tugged at his finger.


[D/N]!! Look she's taking her first steps!!"


"Say cheese [Y/N]!!"
"I can't believe she's in first grade already..."


"Say hello to your new baby brother [Y/N]."
"What should we call him?"
"Olly. I like the name Olly."
"That is such a nice name [Y/N], Olly [L/N]."


I shut the family camera with a sigh. I had lived for 10 years and I still hadn't met my soulmate yet. Mum said I was just being impatient, and I'd find them in time. I didn't like waiting. It's boring.

I glanced over at my Ninja posters. A new Ninja had appeared recently, she was the elemental master of water. Finally, a girl.

"[Y/n]! You said you'd play Ninja's with me!" My annoying three-year-old brother screamed from the next room.

"Olly! No I never!" I shouted back.

I had learnt about morse code in school a few days ago and I had been wondering if I could tug on my soulmate string to talk to my soulmate.

"Mum can I use your phone really quick. It's very important." I asked very nicely because the last time I had used her phone to play Candy Crush I accidentally reset all her levels and she had sworn to never give me it again.

"Fine. No going on Candy Crush, oh and be quick I'm expecting a call from... an old friend."


I searched up the morse code alphabet and quickly wrote it all down on a piece of paper.

Once I had finished my Mums phone started ringing. I answered it for my mum as I was walking to her.

"[M/N]? Did you accidentally drink yesterdays tea again?"
"What no, I'm [Y/N]?"
"What are you doing on your mothers phone? The prophecies say you are kind, and certainly not a thief."
"I'm not a thief!"
The man erupted into a wheezy cackle.

"[Y/N]! Who are you talking to?" My mum took her phone off me and walked away.

Her old friend was strange. He kinda sounded like the Ninjas sensei, but I think that's just an old people thing.

I retreated to my room to start, hopefully, communicating with my soulmate.

.... .. "Hi." I tugged, scared it would break. I knew it would only break once I had met them, or if they died beforehand.

I just hope they new morse code.

After waiting for what felt like ages, a few tugs could be felt on my finger, they didn't seem to be morse code, however. I sighed, I had hoped this would work.

Suddenly some more tugs came and this time it was morse code!

-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . " Morse code?"

It had worked!

Me and my soulmate swapped names and information about each other.

I told him my name and that I lived in Jamanakai Village.

He told me his name was Lloyd and he lived in Ninjago city.

Over the months we would communicate more and in more detail, yet we never had the idea to plan a meetup.

One day I woke up and tugged " Good morning soulmate Lloyd."

I waited all day for a response, but it never came.

I was 10 years, 2 months and 5 days old when I mourned the loss of someone who I'd never met. I tried for a week to contact him. Nothing came of it. I was heartbroken and hurt. Tears welled up in my eyes one night as I stared at the sky. The stars became blurry as the tears continued to grow. I blinked and let them crawl down my cheeks as I sat there soundless, motionless, and alone. Over the years, however, that sadness morphed into resentment.


" I think it's time we tell her." My mum said to my dad.

I was 11 and had just been sent home from school because a chair had somehow flung across the room without me even touching it.

"Yeah, I guess we should. Wu is not getting involved, I can do this myself." My dad responded.

They opened my bedroom door and stepped inside.

"Am I in trouble?" I had been crying ever since the teacher blamed me for throwing that chair, I was scared of confrontation and my anxiety was at a high.

"No, of course not darling." My mum comforted me.

"Your special, and we need to tell you something." My dad continued.

That day I was told that my father had passed down a telekinesis power down to me, and I had to learn to control it.

"It'll be hard for you because you are an empathetic person [Y/N], but you're also strong so you'll get through it." Remarked my mother.

"I'll try my best to get you through this." My father added.

Clearly, he didn't try hard enough.

We would eventually come to call it the "Accident.", Although I'm not too sure it was an accident anymore.

My mind begs for it all to be erased, but no matter how hard I try all I can see is Olly.

Olly falls, and an arm reaches out to catch him but all it does is cause more damage.

All I do is cause damage. And it's all Lloyd's fault.

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