F*@k you Monday

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Wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up


I was sitting in my room when I felt tugs on my soulmate string

'Huh, weird.' I said

Wait, what if it was Morse code? What if Lloyd wanted to talk to me again?

Suddenly my string vanished.

A voice surrounded me echoing inside my head, filling my thoughts with its taunting words.

"You don't deserve a soulmate!"

"You stopped trying!"

"No one will ever love you!"


I was in water.

I couldn't breath.

It was dark.

Something grabbed my ankles, pulling me deeper into the murky water.


I woke up with a gasp. It was just a dream. My alarm was blaring, I leaned over to grab my phone and knocked it on the floor.


It landed on it's screen. "Shit..." I muttered. I picked it up and flipped it around, it was fine. I looked at the time. 6:30am it read. Why do I need to get up that early? School, idiot! I panicked and rolled out of bed.

Another THUD sounded.

"HONEY, YOU ALRIGHT!" My mum shouted from down the hall.


I got up and walked to my wardrobe. I wonder what my dream was about, It had been 5 years, 3 months and 14 days since I last heard from Lloyd, Not that I was counting or anything. But hey new city, new house, new school, new me, right?

I was unsure on starting a new school so far in the year. I mean it was February already. Yeah that's only 6 months from when school started in September, but I just wished we had moved earlier so I knew everybody when everyone else was learning names.

I pulled a cropped purple jumper on and some high waisted light blue jeans. I looked around for my shoes. ' Must be in the kitchen or something' I thought to my self. I looked over to where my makeup was, sprawled over my desk and had a mental debate on whether or not I should bother. I checked the time again. 6:35 am.

The bus didn't leave till 7:30 so I had the time. I sat down at my desk with a sigh. I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard. My hand hovered above the make up. I finally decided on a small winged eyeliner and some mascara. And some glossy chapstick as well. After messing up on my eyeliner 5 times it was finally perfect. heh... only took.... 30 minutes!?!

I ran down the hall of my new apartment and into the kitchen where my mum was standing over the sink washing the dishes from last night.

"[Y/n], sweetie, whats the rush."

" I-I can't find my shoes, I haven't eated ... ate. I-It's..." I fumbled with my phone," 7:10 and I n-need to get the bus wh-which leaves in twenty- oh god twenty minutes, I can't be late If I'm late I-I'd have a detention on the first day - on the first day mum... Ah there's my shoes." I tried to get them on, while standing which resulted on me falling on my ass.

"[Y/n] I could drive you then you'd have an extra 5 minutes to get ready."

"No mum you have to go to work remember..."

"I know, I just want to help."

"Help me by telling me where my bag is?"

"By the door, where it has been for a week." my mother sighed, glancing at me as I ran to the cupboard to grab some sort of food.

I picked up some Oreos. Yeah peak health [y/n]

I stuffed them in my pockets and ran to the door, Grabbed my bag and ran out the door as I shouted "BYEMUMLOVEYOUMUM!!!"

I had 15 minutes till the bus left. I was 20 minutes away according to google maps. That's for people who walk though, I'm running. I ran past people occasionally bumping into people I didn't even have time to say sorry. I kept running despite the annoyed shouts following me. I closed my eyes for a second while I imagined the looks I was going to get when I arrived at the bus stop, panting, red and sweaty. I opened my eyes and bumped into an old guy. " Shit I-I'm so so so so sorry," I said looked down at him while he picked up... scrolls?

"Here let me help you." I sighed, squatting down beside him.

I picked up his scrolls and helped him get them in his bag.

"Thank you [Y/n]." He said calmly as he walked away, his long white beard trailed behind him slightly.

"Your welcome... w-wait how did you know my..."

I checked my phone 7:25 am. I'm still 10 minutes away. "shit."

'Ninja never quit...' a voice in my head stated.

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