This is why I'm failing physics

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I'm an alien
Among the human beings

[Y/n]'s POV

I missed the bus. I couldn't just leave that old guy to pick up his stuff alone, that would be mean.

I walked to school. I knew where it was as I had a tour on Saturday, not a very big one, just so I knew where the principles office, my locker, and first lesson was. After my first lesson I just had to fend for myself I guess. I was obviously late, the halls where eerily quiet, I could see everyone in their classes. Heads bent down over work, soft murmurings drifting though cracks in the door. My shoes squeaked on the polished floors.
"I'm late. I'm like that rabbit in Alice in wonderland." I muttered, picking up my pace.
I arrived outside the principles office. I stood for a moment rehearsing what I would say when I went in.

"Deep breath [Y/n], he's not going to shout at you for being late... it's your fist day." I mumbled quietly to myself.

I knocked on the door.

"Come in. " The principle said, in a deep voice.

I timidly opened the door, expected to be screamed at, instead I was met with a welcoming gaze.

"Ahh... Miss [L/n], you're a bit late but no worries. I understand how hard it is to settle in a new house, a new city for that matter."

"Aha... yeah... I-I missed the bus...sorry" I said unable to keep eye contact for longer than 2 seconds, didn't want to look creepy...

"Here's your schedule, and your locker code." He handed me two pieces of paper, "Miss Roberts will lead you to your lesson." He pointed to a woman standing in the doorway.

"H-hi." I said with a wave.

"Come with me dear, don't want you to miss any important learning now do we." She lead me back into the corridor, "Now let's see what lesson you have." She said, gently taking one of the papers from me.

"Ahhh... Physics with Ms.Francis. Don't worry she's very nice, She'll understand why you're late, given your situation." She said softly.

I think I may like this teacher, well assistant principle who doesn't teach any lessons. She handed my schedule back to me and smiled.

"Th-thanks..." God why do I have to be so freaking awkward!

We finally stopped outside a classroom and Miss Roberts knocked before letting us in.

"This is the new student Ms.Francis, Please excuse her for being late." With that she left, left me standing there in the doorway. I felt eyes staring at me from every corner of the room.

"Class, this is the new student [Y/n], Why don't you introduce yourself." Ms.Francis said, turning to me.

"Well.. erm.. My name is [Y/n] y-you already knew that..." I stared at the floor, " I moved from Jamanakai Village two weeks ago, and now I'm here..."

Can the floor just swallow me please.

Nya's POV

The new kid just walked into my physics class, oh god she looked like she was about to cry. She was so red in the face, I needed to distract everyone from her.

"Ms. Where is [Y/n] gonna sit, She could sit next to me I don't mind!" That was a bit too eager Nya, but hey it worked.
Everyone was now staring at me instead of [Y/n].

"That would be good Nya." Ms.Francis said, she turned to the girl,"Go sit by Nya, [Y/n]."

She looked up at me, I gave her a wave. She slowly walked over to me.

" Thank you..." she whispered

I think I just made a friend.


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11:31am 2nd April 2020

Hey guys I've done my English work and half of my physics so I thought why don't I make [y/n]'s first lesson physics. Anyway I've got to do my computing :( and my french work :) , bye for now.

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