Hallelujah, my ass

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I can try to pretend
I can try to forget
But it's driving me mad
Going out of my head

I woke up later than I'd like to admit and missed to bus again. I took a short cut so I wouldn't be as late as yesterday. I had English first, first thing on a Tuesday morning. Thanks cloud kingdom, really looking out for me here aren't you.

As I was walking I witnessed soulmates bump into each other. They both screamed "Hallelujah!"

I said congrats as I walked by. They both gave me a glossy smile, and said they hope I find mine soon. I said thank you and carried on my way to school. I couldn't shake the feeling that something big was going to happen today. I looked down at my clothes hoping they looked good, seeing as I still had my eyes closed when I was getting dressed. I was wearing a grey crop top and black jeans. Because it was February and still pretty cold I had threw on a lilac hoodie.

"At least I look decent. And in dress code." I muttered as I walked up to the school doors. Thankfully I had gotten to school before registration... barely. I had enough time to walk there anyway. Luckily for me I was in the same form as Nya.

"Hey Nya." I waved

"Hey [Y/n], sit next to me." She gestured to the empty seat next to her and a boy, "This is Jay." Hitching a thumb towards the boy.

"Hi." I greeted him with a small awkward wave.

"Hi, wanna sit with us at lunch."

"Yeah, okay. Anyone else I know going to be there?" I asked Nya.

"Kai sits with us, along with Zane, Cole and Lloyd. You'll meet Zane in English next.. Pass me your schedule." I did as she asked, Nya studied it for a moment. "You have the same Eco as Cole and Chem and Bio with me, Jay and Lloyd. Oh and you have the same History and Geography as all of us."

"Thanks..." I said unsure if that was the right reaction.

After the teacher took our attendance I headed to English with Nya. When she waved goodbye to Jay I noticed neither of them had soulmate strings.

I gasped. "I am now the number 1 Jaya shipper!"

"You'll have to take the title from Lloyd," I must've stiffened enough for Nya to notice, " Every time I mention Lloyd, you seem to get all awkward... Do I have to become the number 1 {[y/n] x Lloyd ship name} er..." She gave me a look of hopefulness. ".. Or do you get all awkward because of who is dad is, because if that's the case we cannot be friends." Her face darkened, scaring me slightly.

"N-no I don't c-care who Lloyd's dad is..." She looked at me as if to say well what is it then... "Okay... When I was younger, I learnt Morse code to communicate with my soulmate and... well... h-his name was Lloyd," I felt anger fill me, " But then he-he decided he was too good for me or something and-and he stopped Morse coding with me." I took a large breath. "And now if this Lloyd is my Lloyd then I don't know what I'm going to do because, " I paused, trying not to cry, "Because, he hurt me... a lot. And I don't know who'll be more hurt, me or him when I beat his ass for leaving me on read, in a way..." I took another large breath and looked at Nya. Her mouth gaping open slightly, in shock most probably.

"When," She cleared her throat, " When did he stop the contact."

"Well lets see it was 5 years, 3 months and 15 days ago so.... I was..... 10? Yeah I was about 10 and a bit."

" You've... you kept count all these years.... [Y/n] that's... that's so... cute and romantic."

"Hey, I'm not cute." I giggled and shoved her softly. We only met yesterday and we were already best friends. I can't explain it we just seemed to click, it's like we'd known each other for years. Obviously I couldn't tell her my secrets at sleepovers like normal teenagers, if I was to tell her everything she'd think I was out to kill my brother or something.

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