' Just a friend? '

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They'll be looking at us
When we're together

[Y/n]'s POV

My bag. How could I forget my damn bag! I'm gonna have to go back and get it. I'm gonna look so weird.

' Damn it [y/n] you are such an idiot!' My inner voice echoed.

' [y/n], why do you talk down to yourself all the time?' M asked.

'Oh I don't know. Doesn't everyone? It doesn't ma-'

"[y/n]? I've got your bag." A voice came from beside me.

Lloyd's POV

[y/n] shut her locker and turned to me.

"Thanks." She muttered with a small smile.

Okay don't fuck this up Lloyd.

"You... do you want to walk to history with me?" I finally blurted out after a few seconds of awkward staring.

Her face displayed that conflicted look again.

"Uh, You don't have to if you don't wan-"

"Lloyd... Did you really ask Kai for advice?" She asked, momentarily looking up from her hands.

Shoot. She must have heard me on the bus. There's no point in lying, she did hear me after all.

"Yeah..." I sighed, " B-but it's only because... Well..."

[Y/n] looked at me with a puzzled look.

I cleared my throat. " W-well, your the first girl, other than Nya, I've ever spoken to..." I mumbled, everyone is school all ready thought I was a weiner. They didn't need to know this as well.

A small grin sprouted on her face. Good your making her smile Lloyd, that's a start.

"Really, I definitely couldn't tell." She remarked, the grin growing on her face.

"H-hey... So, walk with me?" I asked again.

"We've got a while... so we could go meet back up with the others."

"Okay..." Shoot. I really need to set things right, and I can't do that in front of the others. "[y/n]?"


"I'm sorry, I know I fucked it up..."

She stopped walking and grabbed my hand. "Lloyd... I want to forgive you, but... I thought you stopped because ... I don't know. I was young and had a morbid imagination, let's leave it at that..."

"Oh... Please let me... make things right?" I was bracing myself for another slap.

"Why? Why did you stop?" She breathed.

Oh I don't know, maybe because I'm the green ninja and I had to train and Wu told me it was a bad idea to 'talk' to you in case an enemy murdered you some how!!! No I can't tell her that...

I sighed, this is gonna sound like a pathetic excuse.

[y/n]'s POV

"I-I... I don't know. I was young. I-I got scared. I thought that if you knew too much about...well...me, who I am, who my dad is.... I thought you'd never want to see me...ever..." He said sheepishly, "But, I get why you aren't in a forgiving mood right now."

"Lloyd..." I sighed, god I'm being such a jerk. "I went through 5 years, three months and 17 days of uncertainty, today that uncertainty ended." I mustered a small smile as I looked him in the eyes. "Friends?"

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