Hey meet this old dude I know.

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I'm not angry anymore

I know that I'm definitely going to keep my inhaler in my bag from now on. The teachers let me stay in the nurses office for the rest of the school day.

"Bye [y/n]. I don't want to see you in here for this again. Okay. Inhaler in bag please." The nurse warned in a soft but stern voice as I walked towards the door.

"Will do." I smiled. Most school nurses are old,mean and boring. Not nurse Charlotte though, she had just finished doing her degree and had only started at the school this year too.

When I walked out I saw Lloyd was waiting for me.

"[Y/n]." Lloyd called, beginning to walk beside me to exit the school.

"Lo-Lois didn't say anything about me did she?" I had to ask, Lois was quite the liar. I had only just befriended Lloyd I didn't want her to ruin that.

"No, why?"

"N-no reason."

"Want to get the bus with me?"Lloyd asked.

"Um... if my mum isn't waiting outside, sure."

My mum wasn't waiting in the car for me so I got on the bus with Lloyd. Everyone avoided him like this morning.

'Damn [y/n]. What is wrong with this girl.' M asked as I sat down on the sweaty leather bus seat.

'Can you see my memories? '

'Yeah. She hasn't been nice to you once so far. '

I sighed, I didn't know why Lois hated me I just know that I hate it.

"[y-y/n], um Lois did say one thing... But it wasn't about you, well I guess it kind of is..."

"What did she say?"

"Well she just saw that my string was gone so she started insulting me and you, but I don't think she knew it was you."

"She'll figure it out eventually. Trust me."

Oh how much I wanted to use my powers on her, but I'd have to actually learn how to control them first.

"How do you know Lois?" Lloyd asked.

"We went the same school."

The rest of the way home was filled with Lloyd occasionally asking me questions about my old life before I moved.

I got off the bus before he did. I felt kinda bad leaving him on the bus with all those people who hated him, but there was nothing I could do. I still had to walk a bit to get to my apartment building, which sucked because I was really tired.

I let myself in and dropped my bag on the floor.

"Mother, I'm home~" I called out.

"[Y/n]. Go get changed I'm taking you to meet someone."


"Someone that can help you with your powers." My mother stated.

"So... where has this dude been this whole time?"

"I wanted you to meet him when you were a child, but you're dad was too stubborn to admit he needed help."


I walked over to my room and quickly got changed into my gym clothes. I figured it'd be best to assume that I'd be doing some sort of exercise.
After I'd gotten changed and wiped my makeup off I walked back to where my mum was standing in the living room.

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