Holding in my fangirling is pretty hard...

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f.t my hideous drawing.

[Y/n]'s POV

Red didn't take that long to come out of the monastery gate/door. (I'm still not that sure on what it is.)

"What- oh [Y/n]'s here. Come inside Sensei is waiting." He said

"Yeah we need you t-" Greenie began.

"Come on Sensei is waiting, hurry it up." Red stated, more impatient than usual.

"But Ultra-"

"My feet are frozen here!" I shouted, annoyed at Red's arrogance.

"Why didn't you say so." Red said as he began to unfreeze my feet.

Green walked away, probably to deal with Ultra, while Red took me into the monastery.

'Why won't he let Greenie speak?' I thought to myself

'Did you seriously just use a nickname?' M questioned from inside my head.

'What else am I supposed to call him, our saviour the green ninja?!'

'Fair point.'

He sounded more annoyed than usual, maybe he's just jealous. I giggled to myself.

"What's so funny?" Red asked.

"Oh nothing, just thinking about something I saw earlier on my phone." I lied, I couldn't exactly say that I was laughing about the voice in my head to my little brothers hero. No can't be doing that.

The monastery grounds where so much better than what I had imagined as a child. Although I couldn't see any training equipment. Maybe it was inside? The inside didn't look big enough for training equipment though. Maybe they'd be training me in the bounty? Oh my god [y/n] stop overthinking!

"Hello [Y/n]." An old man greeted.

His long white beard trailed to the floor. His sunken eyes gave off a friendly but stern vibe. [Y/n] recognised him from somewhere. Had he came to her families house when she was younger? [Y/n] stood and stared for a moment before it clicked.

"Ah- I am so sorry about the other day! I wasn't looking where I was going."

"Hitting more people with your car." Greenie joked.

His voice scared me, when did he get here.

"No. I'll hit you again if you don't stop mentioning it." I joked back.

I didn't get a chance to talk to Wu properly before he started to walk into another room, motioning at me to follow.

"[M/n], come with me." Another woman said.

"Misako! Long time no see." My mum said.

Okay so apparently my mother knows everyone. How left out I feel right now.

"So... erm, wh-what are you teaching me?" I asked, trying not to fall behind. For an old man he walks pretty quick.

"At the moment I'll be teaching you about your powers and eventually basic defence and offence." Wu stated.

"It's mainly defence, being keepers of peace and all." Greenie added.

I looked at the corridor I was walking down. There was a surprising amount of photos on the wall. Of course I was gonna look at them all. One of them in particular stood out to me. It was the white, red and blue ninja , a girl who I didn't recognise and a young blonde boy. The photo itself was extremely chaotic, the blonde haired boy was up a wall, the blue ninja was being held by the girl who was looking at the person taking the picture (who I could only assume was the black ninja) , the red ninja was squaring up to the blue ninja and the white ninja was just there, pointing.

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