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Chapter 2

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Jess was giggling, completely unaware of the danger that she was in. Anna's mouth had gone dry. She rushed toward Jess, but someone grabbed her arm. She looked behind to see Drew holding onto her elbow. She tried to rip her arm free and he curled his fingers painfully into her flesh.

"Where are you going?" Drew asked.

"We're leaving," Anna said.

"No, you're not."

Anna heard Jess scream. She spun around to see the shorter man's fangs buried deep into Jess's neck. Blood sprayed back onto the crisp white shirt of the blond. The eyes of the blond went black and veins protruded from around his eye socket. He opened his mouth to expose his fangs. Anna tried to yank her arm free again, but she could not get out of Drew's hold.

Anna pulled her stake out of her purse with her free hand. She brought it down as hard as she could. Drew howled in pain as she buried the stake deep into his abdomen. He let go of her arm and Anna ran forward. Jess was crying out in pain as the blond fed from her on the other side of her neck.

Arms wrapped around Anna. Pain exploded in her neck as Drew latched onto her with his fangs. The warm blood trickled down her throat as he fed from her. Anna knew that she only had seconds left to save herself and Jess. She reached back and twisted the stake that was still sticking out from his stomach. Drew let go of Anna as he screamed out in pain and she tumbled to the ground.

The two vampires let go of Jess and her body crumpled. There was no blood pooling underneath her on the concrete. Her chest was not rising and falling. Anna could not find the strength to get back onto her feet. She held her neck, blood gushing through her fingers, as she crawled over to Jess. The pain was electrifying and overtook her whole body. Her body shook because she was losing too much blood to keep moving.

She looked over her should when Drew let out another cry as he ripped the stake out of his stomach. He stormed forward. Rhys put his hand on Drew's shoulder to stop him.

"Leave her be," Rhys said.

"There's so much more left in her though," Drew said. "I promise I'll share."

Anna collapsed onto the ground. Her eyes watered when she looked at her best friend's lifeless body. They had been together since they were in diapers. Anna knew how much Jess was looking forward to finally finishing university, meeting the love of her life, and starting a family. That was all gone now, and Anna blamed herself for not telling her the truth.

"I have different plans for her," Rhys said.

"Like what?" Drew asked.

Anna whimpered as she thought about her grandmother. She had spent countless nights telling her about the dangers of vampires. Anna knew that if her grandmother was alive she would be furious.

Rhys kneeled down in the pool of blood. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up against his body. Anna had no strength left, and her head rolled back onto his shoulder. Rhys wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her against his chest. He bit down into his wrist.

"Rhys, you can't do that," Drew said.

"She's going to be more than a meal," Rhys said.

"You know you shouldn't do that."

"Just watch me."

He held his bloody wrist up to her mouth. Anna tried to turn her head to the side. He grabbed her jaw and kept her mouth against his wrist.

"Anna, you need to drink this," Rhys said. "It's going to stop you from leaving this Earth."

Rhys pulled her jaw down to open her mouth up a bit. A few drops of blood entered her mouth. The sweet taste hit her tongue. Anna used all the strength she had left to open her mouth. She sucked on the bleeding wound on his wrist and gulped the blood back. Rhys pulled his wrist away and Anna gasped for air.

Rhys picked her up off of the ground and curled her into his body. Anna moaned in pain. Her neck was throbbing. The hurt intensified and seeped into her bones and muscles. She rolled her head against Rhys' chest and gritted her teeth. She closed her eyes as Rhys carried her out of the alley. Drew walked beside them, clutching his bleeding wound.

"Snap her neck while you still have time," Drew said.

"I'm not going to do that," Rhys said.

"You have to."

"Don't tell me what to do."

They're not going to kill me? Anna questioned.

He carried her over to one of their cars that was sitting at the back of the parking lot. Drew shook his head, but opened the door to the backseat. Rhys laid Anna down. She let out a soft groan. Her blood-soaked hand was resting on her stomach and blood was seeping through the material of her dress. Her hand shook as she raised it to touch the gaping wound on her neck. He grabbed her hand and held it against his chest.

"Don't touch it," he said. "You don't want it to get infected."

"I'm telling you this is a bad idea," Drew said. "We don't need another mishap to happen."

"It won't."

Rhys grabbed a sweater that was sitting on the floor and covered Anna with it in an attempt to get her to stop shivering. Anna struggled to keep her eyes open. The car door slammed shut and she listened as they got into the front seat.

She pressed her hand against her neck, not caring what Rhys said. She refused to bleed out in the back of a bloodsucker's car. She reached out toward the door, she had to get it open and roll out of the car. It was going to hurt, but not as much as turning into a vampire.

There was a click when Rhys turned on the child locks. Anna dropped her hand. Her breathing grew shallow as she lost complete consciousness and the world went black. 

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