A new friend

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Another drawing my yours truly.

I did exactly what I had planned when I got on the bus. When Lloyd sat next to me I gave him a hug, making sure to not hurt is bruises.
"What's that for?" He asked startled
"I just felt like you needed a hug." I smiled
I could feel many eyes looking at us, but I didn't care. I just continued as normal, frick those guys. They can't even sit on a bus properly.

Today I had sports, lovely... Don't get me wrong, exercising is good. It's just the people who take it too seriously that ruin it for me. I mean come on, stop shouting at me for dropping a ball, I'm asthmatic bro.
Lloyd didn't seem too keen on having sports either, but he had it with me so that's a win.
As I was shoving my sports clothes in my locker Lloyd snickered.
"What?" I turned around, forgetting to hold the clothes and dropping them to the floor.
"Wanna know a cool trick?" Lloyd asked, squatting down to help me get the clothes up off the floor.
"What cool trick?"
He lifted his T-shirt slightly up to reveal another.
"Are you seriously wearing your kit underneath your clothes?" I asked, still cramming things into my locker.
"Yes. One, it's cold outside and wearing 2 sets of clothes makes me warm. Secondly, it's really quick to get changed. Third, I don't have to worry about all the boys in the changing room seeing the bruises from being hit by a car." He said with a flourish.
"Dork." I said, grabbing his hand.

He walked me to my reg and then walked to his.
"Love birding it up I see." Nya said, waggling her eyebrows.
"Har har very funny." I took my seat next to Nya and Jay.
"What lesson do you have first?"
"You know, I have no clue." I pulled my schedule out of my bag.

Period 1 - English
Period 2 - Sports
Period 3 - History
Period 4 - Physics
Period 5 - Economics

"We are all in the same sports, it's meant to be." Jay stated.
"Best friend squaaaaddddd." Nya added.
I laughed, I guess I did actually have friends and it had only been 4 days. Feels much longer though, feels like months have passed by...

Before we knew it, it was time for me and Nya to head over to English. Zane was outside the classroom waiting for us, we weren't late today which was good. English was just analysing a poem. I'm not the best at that, but at least I tried.
Then we headed over to sports. Dodgeball.... yayyyy.... I just absolutely love balls being thrown at me as hard as humanly possible. But hey Lloyd looks as if he's good at sports, he'll protect me.
I walked out of the girls changing rooms with Nya to be met with Lloyd groaning in annoyance.
"What's wrong?" I asked slipping my hand into his, I may of said we were just friends for the time being but he has really warm hands.
"I really hate dodgeball."
"It's not that bad." I lied, I despise dodgeball.

I see why Lloyd was groaning, he was worst than me at dodgeball. He couldn't dodge at all, but I'm assuming that's due to being hit by a car and not seeking medical attention. He definitely couldn't catch and his throw wasn't much better either. The other kids thought this was hilarious.

Lois was just deliberately throwing each ball she got directly at my face, luckily I dodged most of them. Did I mention it was girls vs boys?
"Lois, [Y/n] is on your team!" The sports teacher shouted after the tenth ball was thrown towards me.

~mini time skip~

"I'm glad that's over with." I said on the way to history.
"Same." Lloyd added, swinging our arms.
"Why was everyone so horrible to you?" I asked.
"Apparently not being good at sports is funny to them..."
"Hey don't worry you've got me now and I'm so bad they'll be distracted in no time." I said, trying to make him smile.
"Your the first friend I've made in this school, you know." Lloyd stated after a moment of silence.
"Really?" I was shocked, teenagers are so fecking mean. "I'm gonna change that."
"How? Everyone hates me." He sighed, slightly looking down to look me in the eyes.
"I'm gonna find you a new friend!" I proclaimed, thrusting our hands up in the air.

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