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TW- This chapter includes aspects of homophobia. If you are sensitive to this there will be a TLDR at the end of the chapter. Remember your mental health is more important than a fanfic.

No ones POV

"I met Faith here, i-in the coffee shop. Almost t-two years ago. I had o-only just m-moved here, and my job w-was pretty new too.I r-remember th-that the shop w-was decorated for halloween. I w-went over to serve h-her. I was honestly p-pretty nervous. F-faiths really beautiful, a-and I was intimidated." Angie laughed, "But wh-when I started serving her I f-felt a weird feeling on m-my finger."

"Your soulmate string." Nya whispered.
Angie nodded.
"Faith l-looked down at her finger and looked b-back up at me. She was so happy. That's when I first s-saw the sparkle in her blue eyes." Angie smiled.
"Where is she now?" [Y/n] asked.
Angie's small smile faltered. "H-h-hospital..."
"What happened?" Nya asked softly.
"Homophobia happened." Angie said, her soft expression darkening.
Nya expressed a huff of anger, Nya hated homophobic people. She hated the fact that they would harm people they didn't know just for who that person loved.
[Y/n] sat in silence. She couldn't stand homophobia. But her mind was too occupied with a plan to show her anger.

"W-we had been together for a year and we w-wanted to celebrate pride together. We had heard the ninja would be there, Faith had c-convinced me that we would be completely s-safe."

Nya remembered the incident that had happened at the pride parade last year. A group of homophobes had thrown lit fireworks at the parade. Her and the ninja had so much ground to cover that they hadn't been quick enough. They had failed Ninjago that day.

"It was going great. F-faith and I had been welcomed into a loving community. People had been so kind to us. I-it was so di-different to how we had occasionally been treated once p-people realised we weren't just f-friends. Y-you guys may have heard what happened, th-the fireworks. One w-was headed straight t-t-towards me. I d-didn't notice due to the panic and th-the smoke. Oh god the s-smoke. It h-hurt my lungs to breathe. I w-was worried about Faith. Sh-she's extremely a-asthmatic. F-faith had n-noticed the firework he-headed towards me. Sh-she saved me." Angie wiped her tear stained cheeks.

[Y/n] grabbed at her inhaler that was in her pocket, she couldn't imagine how bad that would've hurt Faith. How much it must have been burning her lungs, yet she still saved Angie.

She looked at her friends, "I-I haven't seen her since... h-her p-parents blame m-me. I was in the hospital for a while too a-after that. F-faith had pushed me to th-the ground so hard, i-it damaged my brain s-slightly. The t-trauma to my head caused m-my s-stutter." Angie gave her worried friends a small smile. "I'm fine now, I j-just hate f-fireworks." She joked, gotta joke or she'll cry again.

"Angie, I had no idea that was you I heard about on the news." Nya whispered, she hadn't heard about it on the news, she was the one who put Angie and another passed out girl on Jay's elemental dragon, so he could take them to the hospital. She and Zane had been tasked with putting out all the fires. Lloyd and Kai tracked the homophobes who did it down and put them in prison. Cole was in charge of helping the paramedics find injured people. A total of 37 people where critically injured that day. Another 63 had minor injuries. Luckily no one had died.

"The a-amount of smoke F-Faith inhaled w-was just too much f-for her lungs. Sh-she almost had a lung transplant, b-but her parents opted for her to be o-on a ventilator f-for a year instead. F-Faiths scared of s-surgeries a-and needles. Her l-lungs sh-should be okay s-soon though."

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