Of course things dont go to plan

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-Ignore the fact I forgot to draw Angie's glasses.


~Ninjago city park~

I had told Lloyd to meet me at 11:15am in the park. Due to my immense overthinking I arrived a bit too early. I took the time to rehearse exactly how I was going to ask Lloyd to the dance. I had a small black bag over my shoulder which contained the pocky I had bought for him. I thought that it would be best to just ask him straight forward, I think he's a bit too clueless to realise if I asked in a cryptic way.

It was still only 11:08am. I decided to spend the rest of my wait people watching. People watching for those not familiar, is when you sit quietly in a public place and watch people in a non creepy way.
I liked to look at the really old couples sitting on the benches, possibly reminiscing on their lives. The dog walkers, or occasionally dog joggers, walking their dogs through the wooded areas of the large park that sat in the middle of this large city.

I shifted on my spot on the wooden bench I was sat on. I inhaled the cool smell of the early spring air. It reminded me of Lloyd. The small green buds layered on the bare branches of the trees.

I looked towards the large twisted metal entrance and saw a familiar golden boy. Today he was wearing a green tee shirt instead of his usual hoodie. I noticed how his hair glowed gold in the sunlight.

"Hey [n/n]." He greeted.
"Hi goldie locks." I said.
"New nickname I see."
"Mm hmm."
"So you miss me so much on the weekend you had to see me before school tomorrow?" He teased
"Ah yes most definitely." I teased back, linking my arm in his.

We began walking over to where the swings where. The dirt path squelching slightly beneath our feet. Ignoring the looks we where getting.

"I actually wanted to ask you something." I said.

We had made it to the swings, still ignoring how people looked down at us.

"Yeah?" He asked, taking a seat on one of the swings.

I pulled the pocky out of my bag and passed it to him, " Wow, my favourite. My birthday isn't till like May or something."

Greenie wasn't lying when he said Lloyd doesn't know his birthday, he sounded so unsure in saying it.

"Erm, I was actually wondering if you would go to the Valentines with me?"

"Are you actually asking me?"

I hummed in response.

"Yes of course!"

No one's POV

'If those freaks think I'll allow that to happen then they are dumber than I thought.' A familiar ginger thought.

"I bought a dress with Nya yesterday. It's green with a purple bit around the waist." [Y/n] excitedly told her companion.

"Ooh, I have a purple suit with a green tie. We'll match!" Lloyd excitedly exclaimed.

They where too engrossed in their conversation to notice Lois nearby, plotting her evil plan.


- The principles office -

"What do you mean me and Lloyd can't go the dance?" [Y/n] asked frustratedly, they had been taken out of their history lesson for this bull****

"I'm sorry, but too many students have come to me and said they do not feel comfortable with Lloyd at the dance."

"Let me guess the whole of the cheerleading team said that." Lloyd muttered under his breath, [y/n] was the only one who heard him.

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