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"We're the new project. She had an old one meaning she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend. She doesn't know how to tell him or her she's connected with someone else. Were you all born yesterday? It was so obvious!" I figured out this voice belonged to Namjoon. I let my shoulders fall and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. At least someone understood my predicament.

Breakfast went slower than preferred and I felt like it took years before Martin left for work. He worked in retail, owned a clothing store just down the street from where we lived. I sometimes worked there too on days he couldn't or if someone were sick. It did very well these days and he was keeping it open seven days a week to increase the profits even more. I usually complained about him always being away working during the weekends, but this weekend it was a gift. I could gather myself, come up with a plan. In the midst of my chaotic thinking though, taehyung sent me another message on instagram. A picture.

Tae: *I'm at the airport, coming to see you before anything happens*

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Tae: *I'm at the airport, coming to see you before anything happens*

I stared at the selfie for longer than necessary before actually reading what he had written.

Before anything happens? Was anything going to happen to me?

Me: *You don't even know what I look like, how will you find me? And what do you mean before anything happens?*

Tae: *I don't need to know what you look like to find you. I know what state you're in. The connection will do the rest of the job.*

I didn't have an answer for that so I simply didn't answer. And not having slept all night, I fell asleep on the sofa and slept almost until Martin came home from work, conveniently with enough time to manage to go for a walk so that I'd be out when he actually did come home.

"Do you have a car?" Jin asked me out of nowhere. It made me jump and the people walking by me at the peer looked at me strangely. I should try to always wear my AirPods in the future, that way people would assume I was in a phone call.

"No, I don't really need one here"

"Do you have a licence?"

I nodded, and then I remembered he couldn't actually see me so I stuttered a y-yes.

"If I rent a car, can you pick up Taehyung at the airport? I hate the idea of him trying to figure out things on his own and he refused to take one of the managers with him"

"We don't need a car, we can take public transport! When does he land?" There was a pause.

"I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the two of you taking public transport in the middle of the night. He lands at 3am. I think a car would be better." Jin said strictly, obviously worried.

"Hyung imagine how excited he will be to travel like a local, come on! He'll thank you for weeks. You know you like it when he's thankful!" That was Jimin speaking I think, or it could be Jungkook. I wasn't too sure yet. The tone was playful and it seemed like it stemmed from previous experiences. It made me blush.

I looked at my watch. It was 9 pm, 6 hours until I would have to be at the airport. I had stopped in a park this time, my jacket now serving as a blanket on the grass as I laid back taking in the night sky and the cold air. It would get too cold to sit still very soon but for right now it was just perfect. Calming every thought in my head and erasing any form of stress.

"That's the first time you've actually relaxed since we connected" Jin whispered into my mind, his voice like a caress on my soul. I giggled, the sound escaping my mouth before I even noticed the smile on my lips. 

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