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Dear Diary.

They are growing on me. You guessed it. My soulmates.

I'm sure if I consult an expert, or maybe even one of the seven soulmates the universe has gifted me with, they could probably - confidently - tell me this was bound to happen. That I was always meant to find comfort in them, in some way or another. I, however, didn't notice the switch. I've got no recollection of when Jungkook and Taehyung became a constant in my line of thought, when they went from being the embodiment of my emotional confusion, to being the natural choice for shoulders to lean on and hands to hold.

I woke up this morning with my head resting on Jungkook's naked chest. Naked. My hands curled up against his body and one leg slung over his waist as if I'd bought the house and moved in all in the same minute.

Awaking painfully aware of my inconvenient placement on the insanely attractive male's body, I was in no state to fix it because snuggled up to my back was Taehyung. He was hugging me with his arms snaked around my belly in a tight grip as if I would run away if he hadn't held me down. I could feel his heartbeat on my back and his breath in his ear as he slept so peacefully it almost hurt to think about.

The reason for my epiphany over my relationship to the men previously mentioned is this: I wasn't uncomfortable. It wasn't awkward. There wasn't a second I thought "Oh shit this is wrong, we're moving too fast how the fuck am I gonna get out of this"

I didn't mind it one bit. And we stayed like that for about an hour before the others woke up. And after getting out of bed they haven't mentioned anything about it. Not once. When I can't stop thinking about my body just fit perfectly snuggled up close to the two of them.

I woke up with two men I've known for less than a week, one of them I only met yesterday, in my bed, cuddling with me. AND I DIDN'T EVEN BAT AN EYE? I'm sure I was taught to be careful around strangers once.

Right now I'm sitting in a nook in my bedroom that seems to be just made for journaling. And I didn't really know what I was going to write when I opened the book, but I took some time to relive this morning and well you might have noticed how I've gotten stuck on some details.

I'm doing better with myself though I swear. My last entry was on my birthday, and I can confidently say that life seems to have a light at the end of the tunnel. I just need to get through the darkness in my own torturous mind first before I can get in the car and drive towards it.

I should probably do some more soulmate research too, writing it here to perhaps remind myself to actually do that soon. Taehyung mentioned the other day that Namjoon is the reader and researcher out of the group, maybe I should reach out to him, ask if he has an idea of a book I should read or if he could maybe teach me about soulmates himself.

I'm excited to meet them all in person. Now that it went so well with Jungkook I'm a lot more confident going into meeting the others, butterflies erupting from their sleep in my body from just the thought. I'm nervous about the initial meeting though. The first one was rather mild compared to how drawn I was to initiate a visual contact with Jungkook yesterday. But they've done this seven times. They've probably got a well thought out plan for when we meet.

And meet them I will. In about four days to be exact. God that's not far away.

The reason Jungkook and Taehyung woke up at the same time this morning was because their minds along with mine were filled with the excited screams of the five soulmates we weren't currently sharing a bed with. Jungkook and Yoongi had apparently been asked to collaborate with an artist located four hours away from where we were located on a project for a festival happening in a couple of weeks. The opportunity was of course interpreted by them as fait intervening in our lives so now, out of nowhere, we're traveling to meet everyone in just four days. I'm excited. Excited and scared. Mostly excited though.

I'm sure I'll update you.


Leaning back in my little writers corner I observed my surroundings with a content feeling resting in my entire body. The way the canopy with the beautiful velvet fabrics swam from the ceiling down around my bed, the light hitting the wall opposed the window like a reflection of the view outside. The many green plants making the atmosphere of the room seem alive.

I could hear Jungkook and Taehyung playfully talking about something that really had them excited in the living room, their laughs sending a warm tingle through me as I smiled into the sound of them. It all became comfortable background noise as I sat there and just existed for a while, letting my senses live for me and my mind rest.

I glanced down at the markings on my arm. In the midst of my emotional turmoil and sudden drastic life changes I had completely neglected the raw, freshly stabbed ink work on my arm. I still enjoyed the look of it, though it arose memories of the hate I held towards the soulmate connection and the desperation of trying to cover the butterflies appearance up with making a bunch of other images appear as well.

Thinking about it now it seemed like I was trying to fix a ripped white curtain with a needle and red thread. It would close the rift, yes, but it wouldn't make the curtain the same as before it was ripped.

And I wasn't the same either. But that was okay.

Slowly drifting off into a comfortable sleep, escaping the plethora of thoughts gathering up for each second that passes, letting everything be whatever it was for now and focusing on the relaxation my body desperately needed as I fell asleep.


I'm not quite sure how long I slept. Neither am I sure of what the time is when I do wake up, my body stiff from sleeping on the floor like I had been. However the familiar tug from inside of me gathered my senses and made me see everything the right way up as I was surprised by the immediate urge to get up and leave my bedroom to follow it.

I thought Jungkook and I had gotten past that initial tug? After waking up literally on top of him this morning it was as if a new normalcy between us was established just as it had been with Taehyung after that first night. My body no longer forced me to stay close to him because in a weird way it seemed as if we'd agreed I wouldn't willingly leave him now anyway.

There was no mistaking it though, there couldn't be anything but the soulmate bond pulling me into the living room and I had no issue obeying it as I pulled an oversized hoodie over my thin midi-dress to warm my shoulders and made my way out of my bedroom.

My legs moved faster than normal down the hallway until I forced them to stop, hearing a voice I wasn't expecting. What? How is that possible?

His voice was unmistakeable, and I kept my still stance just listening trying to figure out if this was a prank or not before my body noticeably became impatient. Seducing my feet to keep walking towards the voice that I now had no doubts belonged to Jung Hoseok. When I turned the corner I couldn't have stopped the bright smile appearing on my face had I tried, because once I made eye contact with him I felt the entire world around us melt away as I ran into his opened arms out of pure instinct.

Wrapping his arms around me, one combed through my hair holding me close to him and the other snaked around my waist he hugged me close.



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