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Hugging Hoseok was like coming home after traveling, like being cold then stepping into a hot shower, like that big gulp of water after you've been running.

I'd given up trying to put words to why I felt this way and embraced any sensation grazing my body and mind with a positive feeling.

It might have been not having time to get anxious about meeting him that made this meeting different, maybe if I had time to really think through our initial meeting I'd probably manage to break myself down a bit, and get concerned about making a bad first impression.

It might also have been the fact that I've felt like Hoseok has been a part of my mind ever since I got to know my soulmates through our connection. He was always showing up with comforting words, a bright laugh or just a hum of sound letting me know he was there whenever I was unsure or got stuck in my negative ways of thinking. He was somehow always there but it never seemed intrusive, it was comforting, relaxing. An assurance that I had someone who still wanted to listen even after hearing my innermost thoughts of self destruction and doubt.

It didn't really matter what it was though, because within the immediate silence that engulfed the living room the moment I had run into Hoseok's arms, I felt assured and safe. His arms wrapping around me like a blanket and his head rested in the crook of my neck, breathing warm breaths against my skin making every sensation feel heightened. I'm not sure how long we stayed like that, close enough to feel our hearts' steady and synchronised beats, but it felt like a pleasant eternity that I had no issue disappearing into. The only thing strong enough to break the urge to hug him, was the urge to look at him.

Still not saying a word we simultaneously pulled our heads back far enough for our eyes to meet, and the now almost familiar feeling of the visual link washed over me like a wave. Out of focus I could see his bright smile as he looked down to me, his nose scrunched up with it and his cheeks flush in happiness. In focus however were his beautiful eyes staring into mine with affection and excitement, it was almost as if I could feel the weight of his emotions coming from his eyes and moving towards me.

That was not the only thing moving towards me.

Slowly, almost too slow to notice we were moving closer to each other. His eyes were still in focus but I could see his lips now resting in a soft pout, a change from the bright smile from seconds ago, and I had to break our eye contact just to confirm what I was seeing.

Looking up at him again, a glimmer I hadn't noticed before was present in his eyes and I had about half a second to think about my observation before my own instinctually closed from the feeling of soft lips pressing carefully against mine.

It was natural, it was comfortable, it was breathtaking. The warm touch of his lips traveled from where he met mine and trough my body, taking a home in my heart as the warmth stopped there and started pulsing. I was overwhelmed from the sensation yet almost offended I hadn't experienced something like this before.

The kiss was as innocent as a kiss could be, but the sensation around it was beyond my imagination. If this was always what it felt like kissing Hoseok, I don't think I could ever stop. How would you focus on anything else when a person existed that could make you feel like this? Is this a Hoseok thing? A soulmate thing?

We broke the kiss realising the both of us were out of breath and I was once again attaining eye contact letting a surprised laugh leave me in the realisation of what had just happened. Hoseok chuckled too, and his eyes were filled with nothing but affection and warmth as he leaned down once more leaving a soft and short kiss on the tip of my nose before leaving an equally swift kiss on my lips that once again sent warmth straight to my chest.

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