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When I met my first soulmate, Taehyung, I was nervous yes, but I was collected. Confused by my divided feelings, but grounded in the moment. The excitement of meeting one of my favourite celebrities almost as big as the excitement of meeting a soulmate, the two kind of canceling themselves out. At least In my memory I was pretty calm about it all. The reality might differ from the story in my mind but that's not for me to worry about.

Right now however, on my way to meet another soulmate, accompanied by the first who was hiding none of his excitement about his reunion with said soulmate, I was a nervous mess. I was picking at my nail polish, staring out the window of Taehyung's rented car as the world around us passed by like a soft wind. It felt like his excitement amplified my nerves tremendously, or somehow morphing it into a hybrid of terrified and excited. Exified? Territed? Anyway, I had my reasons to worry. What if when we're not alone anymore, Taehyung realises how boring I am. What if I make eye contact with Jungkook and I don't fit into what he thought meeting me would be like. What if he doesn't want me?

My head was spinning. I wanted to meet him. So bad. Ever since I had heard I would meet him soon my mind had been in a constant countdown. Last night I could barely sleep, I'd twisted and turned in bed before I'd at around 4 in the morning given into what my body and soul really wanted and walked into Taehyung's room, nudging him softly asking him if I could just sleep next to him. And as he opened his arms for me to cuddle into his chest I fell asleep immediately. It did the trick to get some rest, but it still only gave me three hours of recharge before we had to get up to make it to the airport in time for Jungkook's arrival.

"He might look a little off." Taehyung explained. "With the weird connection thing and all. But he should hopefully perk up as soon as you see each other" He mumbled out loud, making it sound like it was my nerves he was calming but I was pretty sure it was just as much for him as for me. He'd been texting Jungkook every second he was available, and he'd been visibly worried whenever he talked about his soulmate being hurt and weakened.

"What if he doesn't like me?"

Taehyung scoffed and released my hand from the grip of my other hand and entwined his fingers between mine, resting it on his thigh. "What's not to like? You were literally made for each other remember? And he has in fact already seen you multiple times. I don't think you have any reason to worry"

"There, you said it! He's seen me multiple times, and it made him sick. So much so he had to stop working just to travel here. If I were him I would hate me. When I think about it I think I actually might hate me a little bit."

"Well you're going to find out soon. You're going in alone. And stop hating yourself, it's not a good look."

"What?" The car was pulling up to the drop off area and Taehyung let the car slow until it stopped in front of the door.

"I'll move the car over to pick up, you deserve an undisturbed first meeting. I'll see you soon, you've got this." He squeezed my hand once before letting it go and motioning for me to leave the car. I took three deep dramatic breaths before actually doing so, and as soon as I'd closed the door he was driving away, leaving me to fend for myself and find Jungkook.

The screen with the list of arrivals told me his plane had landed a couple of minutes ago, and he would be arriving through the same doors I had waited for Taehyung to arrive from less than a week ago. I had to laugh at how it's only been a week since my life was something other than waiting for super-celebrities to arrive by plane at my local airport.

I was nervously tapping my feet on the ground, too excited and nervous to actually sit down I had opted to leaning on one of the marble pillars standing close to the international arrivals gate. I was wearing high wasted skinny jeans, a white crop top that was long enough to cover the rest of my stomach over the jeans and a grey cardigan. I'd gone for a plane Jane outfit to maybe not raise suspicion should anyone recognise any one of my companions on this airport trip. But now that I was standing here I'd wished I'd gone for something a little nicer, discouraged by the thought that Jungkook might be disappointed when he sees me looking like a boring Karen.

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