Mr. Stalker

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Palak is supervising in the venue. She is roaming here and there looking after all the preps. It’s been three hours since they have started working and now she is hell irritated and tired because some of the workers are not doing the work properly.

Meanwhile Ritwik comes there finishing his back to back meetings and from far he sees Palak guiding a worker, anyone can say looking at her face that she is irritated and Ritwik also notices that and he chuckles looking to her face and decided to accompany her and move towards her.

When he is about to call her from behind there he hears, her saying “Ek number no gando che, Ek nanu kam nathi thatu aana thi! ” (You’re such an idiot, can’t he even do little work properly). Listening this he made a confused face and asks her from behind, “What does it mean?”

Hearing sudden voice from behind she gets startles and she jumped on her place and shouted “Aahhh!” she turns around and sees Ritwik. She is giving him a “Are you mad?” look.

“You scared me!”

“When did I scared you, I just asked about the meaning of that sentence?”

“If you ask like this, anyone will be scared.”

““OK, my apologies but what were you saying to that worker?”

“You are talking about that, I was just irritated!”

“OK, you know how to say Gujarati?”

“Obviously, I am Gujarati.”

“’Oh! ” He said with a amused face then he smiled widely and he asked with excitement,“I’m sure, you know how to make thepla (It is flat bread made of fenugreek leaves, wheat flour and other spices.”

“Yes, I know.” Palak said with a confused face.

“Once I went to one of my relatives place in Gujarat, there we have been served thepla as breakfast, everyone in my family loves them. After that, mom and Badi mom tried a lot but it doesn’t taste like that yummy one.”

“You are the owner of many hotels, you can order your chef to make for you.”

“I had tried that too, but I didn’t get that taste.”

“Will you mind if I bring it for you.”

“So, it means that you know the place where I can get it.”

“Yes, from my home!”

“Ooh, I thought you talking about any hotel or a place from where I can buy them. ”

Palak giggles and said, “Leave it, I’ll bring it for you tomorrow.”

Before Ritwik can say anything, Palak moves towards a worker who is not doing his work properly. She is guiding the worker when Ritwik comes there and tap on her shoulder she turns towards him and asks, “What happened?”

“I think you need rest.”

“No, I can’t rest right now because there are some new workers so they need my guidance.”

“It’s okay, you can ask someone else to supervise them for some while. Meanwhile you can rest a little bit.”

“Okay!! I’ll be back in few minutes.” Saying this she goes towards one of her experienced worker and asked him to supervise for sometime.

She moves towards Ritwik.
When she reached near Ritwik, before she can say anything he asks, “ Ms. Palak where do you want to rest, in garden, in my cabin or the conference room?”

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