Mixed up feelings

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After finishing movie Shekhar thought to call Ritwik, so he dials his number, because Ritwik is busy with his family so he receives in fifth ring. 

Shekhar - Hello, Ritwik beta.

Ritwik – Hello Shekhar sir.

Shekhar – Sorry to disturb you on sunday but I have called to invite you for lunch or dinner whatever you prefer. 

Ritwik – No need of it sir. 

Shekhar – I totally forgot about it but Palak told that you likes Gujarati food listening her I remembered and decided to invite you so tell when you are free?

Listening that Palak suggested it, he said yes without thinking of anything. 

Ritwik – We can have dinner tomorrow. 

Shekhar - OK, dinner at my place. 

Ritwik – I’ll be there by eight. 

Shekhar – OK then see you tomorrow at eight. Bye! 

Ritwik – Ya sure, bye! 

Shekhar disconnects the call and informs his family that Ritwik is coming tomorrow at eight for dinner and he also tell them to prepare only Gujarati food. Then they all left for respective rooms. 


After relaxing spa session, everyone lefts for respective rooms to take a nap except Ritwik, he is sitting in lawn while reading a novel. Suddenly, he thinks about the dinner at Mehta’s. 


What should I wear? Should I wear formal or should I wear causal? What will there in dinner? Will Palak make dinner? How will the Mehta family behaves with me? Thinking all of these stuff, I think to keep grip on my infinite questions. Why am I even thinking of all this, I am the CEO of Oberoi’s and they are working with me. In professional way I’m superior and I should behave in the way I’m behaving in my office. There is change of place but not of people and their work designation. I think I need to calm down my mind. 



Ruhani wants to talk about internship at Oberoi’s so she move towards Ritwik's room to have talk with him. But not finding him there she calls him and he picks up in first ring only.

Ruhani- Where are you Bhai, I need to talk with you.

Ritwik- I'm in lawn, come over here.

Ruhani- Ok I'm coming.

Saying this she hang up the call and head towards the lawn. There she sees Ritwik. She taps on his shoulder to gain his attention.

“Now tell me what do want to talk, Is there any problem? Do you need more money? Do you want permission for anything?" Ritwik questions her with concern. Listening all this Ruhani made a bad face.

“Don't I have anything else to do besides this, I'm here to discuss something important." She said grumpily.

“Oohhh now you also have important things to do." He said making fun of her.

“Stop making fun of me, I'm serious." She said with a pout and Ritwik laughed on it.

“Ok sorry!! Now tell me your important thing." He said suppressing his laugh.

“I have made a decision about my internship." She said confidently.

“Oohh that's great, Where do you wanna join?" Ritwik asked happily.

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