Little beginnings

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Palak and Veer are sitting in Palak's balcony on bean bags. They both are talking about their work. Then Palak shares about the merger thing and the presentation which was appreciated by everyone. Veer is very happy and feels proud by listening this. He is really contented by listening his sister's appreciation.

Veer also shares about his meeting and new projects. Both brother and sister are doing well in their particular fields. After sometime Veer left to his room saying good night to Palak. Palak also sleeps because she is little tired.


It’s 6 am. Ritwik wakes up and goes towards washroom, freshen up and his eyes gets landed on his and Ishani’s picture. But today, he puts that picture inside the drawer and carry on his chaos. He goes to gym and starts working out as usual after gap of one day. Jenny and Manav also joins him in gym. Manav is giving teasing smile to Ritwik and Ritwik is glaring him.

Jenny notices this and asked, “What are you guys doing?”

They both shrug their shoulders and continued their workout.

She give “I will see you both” look to the boys and continued her workout. After sometime Ruhani enters in gym. She is confused af as no one is talking with each other so she asks them, ‘Itna shanata kyu hai bhai!’ (Why everyone is silent).

None of them answered because they are wearing headphones , so that they didn’t hear her.

Meanwhile Roshini is passing by the corridor and she sees Ruhani standing on gym’s door step. So, she goes towards her and asked, “why are you standing outside the gym?”

Ruhani replied that,“ It’s boring today because they are not playing music. Instead they are using their headphones. I think something happened between them.”

Roshini asked three of them that what happened kids?

But no one replied. So she removes Ritwik’s headphone. Seeing her there Ritwik asks,“ What happened mom?

“ Why are you all not talking?”

“Nothing mom.” Ritwik answered.

“But how can Ruhani be silent in this moment when she can get lots of drama because according to her these three are jokers.” Roshini said.

Not getting proper reply Roshini leaves the gym as she have many works to do.

Ruhani requests, “Please turn on the music system.”

“No, I’m not going to start, go and bring your headphones.” Ritwik said pulling off his headphones.

“But why?”Ruhani asks.

Ritwik didn’t reply and put on his headphones and started working out.

“How rude” saying this she goes towards them and removes their headphones one by one and then they all are glaring at her and seeing this she said thanks people for spoiling my mood.

Then she turns on the music system and starts working out.

After that, they all left to their respective rooms for bath and to get ready for breakfast and then work.

Then they all gathered around dinning table for breakfast. It’s aloo ke paratha and paneer paratha, everyone’s favorite.

Today the younger clan is silent. So, seeing this, Paramveer asked, “Why is Ruhani looking gloomy today?

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