Shattered Friendship

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The much awaited day for jobbers, it’s Saturday, the half working day.

Palak is at venue and supervising everything and everyone. Ritwik is in his work. Because of half day Palak is having so much workload and on the other hand Ritwik is finishing his pending work before going out with his friends.

Here, Palak is busy in making report file when her phone rings, she picks the call without seeing name.

“Hello, Palak Mehta speaking.”

“Hello Ms. Palak, can I have a talk with my aloo.” Tani said from the other side.

“Oh Jeera, your aloo is busy.”

“Whenever I call you, you are always busy with your work! ”

“Because Ms.Rai I have work to do.”

“Oh, like I don’t do any work.”

“What work you do?”

“I have to do with protocols of the company, filing important catalogues, assisting and reporting my senior. I have this much work to do then also I am managing the time to have a talk with you.”

“Oh, Ms. Busy I’m not an assistant manager of head department like you.”

“Don’t go there, my dad was not ready for me to do internship like you. That’s why I have to say yes for this post.”

“OK leave it, I didn’t mean to say in that way.”

“I called you to let you know that you're coming to my place before going to club. We’ll get ready together.”

“No, you’ll have come at my place as there are less traffic signals from my place as compared to yours. So, we can reach there early.”

“OK, I’ll be there by seven.”

“OK done, anything else?”

“Nothing, you carry on your work.”

Saying bye to Tani, she hangs up the call and involves in her work.

Half day passed in jiffy. She submits report file and left for home.

In Ritwik’s cabin,
Usually, on saturday’s he works till two in afternoon but today he is working extra so that he can enjoy on sunday. Ritwik is so much busy in his work that he didn’t notice the time. He is busy in some file when he gets call from Roshini, he picks up immediately.

“Hello mom”

“Do you know what time it is, Mr. CEO?”

Listening this, he checks time in his wrist watch.

“It’s four pm mom, why are you asking me?”

“Usually, you are there in home by two, but you didn’t come so I thought to call you?”

“I wanted to come but I have so much work to complete by today so, I’ll be late and don’t make my dinner as I’m going out with Parth and Rishabh.”

“Okay but will you come home before going out?

“Yes, I’ll come to change my clothes.”

“OK then, come soon. Bye!” After completing the call, he resumes his work. Later, finishing his work in cabin, he lefts for a surprise visit in another branch of his hotel in that particular region.

There he is inspecting and supervising in every hall and checking around if there is need to fix or change or replace anything.


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