Formal Meeting

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It’s 6 AM, Ritwik wake up and sit on bed putting his head on headrest. He is thinking something deeply.

Ritwik’s POV:

Does Ishani like me? Why she said yes for this alliance? Did I say anything wrong?
But I had never saw Ishani in that way! Why aunt told me that I have broken Ishani’s heart?

Have I gave any wrong signals to Ishani? I never feel that Ishani likes me!
GOD!! What is happening with my life? I need a cold shower to control my thoughts!!

While going towards bathroom he sees his and Ishani’s picture on the desk. What have you done Isha?

Firstly you should have to confront this to me and then we should confront it to our family but you have messed up everything. I take my phone and dialed Ishani’s number.

She picked up in third ring.
“Hello!” Why she sounds so low? Is she crying?
“Isha, are you crying? ” I said little panicked.

“No I’m not” Why do you call me? Ishani said little sternly. Why she’s talking like this? She never asked me this kind of questions!

“I called you to talk about last night.” I said little hesitatingly. She is silent for few moments. Why she is not replying. “Isha, are you there?”

“Yes, I’m here. Why now you wanna talk about last night?” Why she sounding so harsh?
“Isha, can we meet today at your favorite café?” I asked politely.

“No, not at all, I don’t want to meet you!” She said angrily and hang up the call.
“What the hell! Did she just hang up on me?”

What is happening in my life! If she don’t want to talk than let it me, I will not trouble her.



By stomping his foot, he goes to washroom. After 30 mins he comes out the shower and he is setting his hairs. After being ready, he goes downstairs for breakfast.

Everyone is discussing about yesterday’s night but seeing Ritwik coming towards them, they stopped discussing. Everyone stares at Ritwik as it’s not the usual time of Ritwik for breakfast.

Everyone is giving him “What are you doing here right now” look. Getting irritating by that stare he asked annoyingly, “What? Is there anything on my face? ”

Everyone nodded negatively. Seeing Ritwik’s irritated face, Roshini asked him that what are you doing here right now, you are supposed to be in the gym or do you have any important meeting to attain.

Oh! I just forget about it. No one asked further questions to him because everyone knows the reason behind his behavior.

After sometime they all had there breakfast. After completing his breakfast, he stands up and tell everyone that he is going to office. Dadu stops him and tell him that it’s 8 AM only, why are you in such a hurry.

Usually you left at 9 AM. Ritwik said that he haven’t seen time. OK then see it now yourself. Dadu said that come on champion, I’ll show you my lovely garden.

Dadu with Ritwik goes to the garden which is taken ample care by Dadu. Dadu describes each and everything about his garden. The flowers, the plants, the grass, the aroma, the names of flowers which was given by Dadu and the peace of walking barefoot on the grass.

By all these things, Ritwik’s mood uplifts and he thanks Dadu for it. Dadu says that whenever you feel low, come to my madhubala (name of red rose which is given by Dadu) or come to Kalavati (name of pink rose). Ritwik smiles and gives a hug to Dadu for his company.

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