Effects of past

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Everyone is outside the cabin and doctor is examining Palak inside. After few minutes, doctor comes out and seeing him Ritwik starts asking questions, “What happen doctor?

Can I meet her?

Is she okay?

There is nothing serious, right?”

“Calm down Mr. Oberoi, she is stable now. But she fainted due to shock so do you know what exactly happened to her?” Doctor asks Ritwik.

“I got to know few minutes back that she has claustrophobia and we were stuck in lift.” Ritwik said in little dull tone.

“Maybe because of that she got a panic attack. Don’t worry right now she is stable but be cautious from next time. Here is some medicines and give her on time.” Doctor advices giving him a prescription.

Handing prescription to his PA, Ritwik moves inside the cabin to meet Palak. She is still unconscious Ritwik sits besides her and he thought to inform Shekhar. He calls Shekhar and tells him about Palak’s situation and listening to all this, Shekhar said that he is coming right now. He is sitting beside her when she gain her consciousness and only one word left from her mouth “RITWIK“.

Hearing his name he get alarmed and sees that Palak is trying to get up so he helps her in sitting properly.

“Are you fine, should I call doctor again?” Ritwik asks with concern.

“I’m fine you don’t worry. What time is it? Is function started?”

“It’s 6:30 pm and function is already started.” Listening this Palak is about to get up but Ritwik hold her hand and stopped her for doing so.

“You are not going anywhere, you have to take rest here. Shekhar sir is coming here to pick you up.”

“Why did you call dad? He will get worried by listening this.”

“Calm down Palak, he is your father. He should know about your condition.”

“Fine.” They are talking when they hears a knock and Ritwik said come in. Shekhar enters inside and instantly takes Palak in a tight hug.

“Dad, calm down I’m fine.”

“No you’re not, why don’t you take care of yourself. Why suddenly you got panic attack?”

Before Palak can say anything Ritwik said, “Shekhar sir sorry it was my fault, I didn’t know that she has claustrophobia so I take her inside the lift and unfortunately we stuck there.”

“It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault so don’t blame yourself. This girl here should have told you about her condition before entering in lift.” Saying this Shekhar breaks the hug and ask Palak. “Why didn’t you tell him about your claustrophobia before entering in?”

Palak don’t know what to reply him so she makes an excuse and said, “Actually dad, my leg got sprain so I was not in my senses and without knowing I entered inside.”

“Leave all these beside, you are coming with me home right now and no arguments.” Shekhar tried to said in stern tone but fail miserably.

“But dad, I can’t come home right now because I’m needed here so I’ll come after completing this.” Palak said.

“Palak don’t argue, your team is here so they will handle everything.”

“Shekhar sir is right, you should go home and take rest. Your team is here so they will handle it and if you want I can personally check everything.” Listening all these Palak agrees half hearted and saying Thank you to Ritwik they both left for Mehta Mansion.

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