Unexpected Proposal

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Third person POV:

Ritwik is on the way to check his staff. He is taking supervision rounds of his staff and after checking them he come back to his family.

Ritwik stepped in the lounge and he heard Jenny ,“ Dekho Ritwikbhai bhi aa gaye.” (See, Ritwik bro had arrived)

“Kyu bhai, koi jaruri baat ho rahi hai?” asked Ritwik sitting besides Ruhani. (Is there anything important talk going on?)

“Aapke bina konsi baat important hogi!” Ruhani exclaimed. (what would be important discussion without you.)

“ Toh phir kya baate ho rahi thi mere piche?” Ritwik asked. (So what talks were going on my back?)

“Teri shaadi ki baat chal rahi thi.” Hemangini bua replied. (We were talking about your marriage.)

“Kyaa! Kyu? Ritwik asked annoyingly. (What! Why?)

“Kyu bhai? Shaadi karne ka koi irada nahi hai! Kushan asked Ritwik. ( Why? Don’t you have any intention to marry!)

“Kyu ji aesa kyu puch rahe ho mere puttar ko? Shaadi toh aaj nahi toh kal kar hi lega na.”Roshni told Kushan. (Why are you asking such questions to my son? Sooner or later he’ll gonna marry someone.)

“Chachi wohi Toh nahi pata ke kab shaadi karega.” Manav replied to Roshini ( That’s the question when he’ll get marry)

“Kyu bache ko pareshan kar rahe ho! Sab ne plan banaya hai usse pareshan karne ko?”Asha blamed everyone.(Why all of you are troubling my son! have you all made a plan to trouble him?)

“Humne kab pareshan kiya tumhare bache ko? Tumhara beta hume pareshan kar raha hai.” Kaushal told Asha. (When do we troubled your son? He is troubling us.)

“Mera bacha kaise pareshan kar raha hai? Asha questioned. (How my son troubling you all?)

“Vo humari choti bahu nahi lane deh raha” Kushan replied. (He is not allowing us to bring our daughter-in-law.)

Listening to these conversations niharika asked innocently,“Yeh bahu kya hota hay?"(What is the meaning of daughter-in -law?)

“Apke Ritwik chachu ki wife aur aapki jo Chachi banegi woh humari bahu hogi."Paramveer explained Niharika.(The girl who is going to become your Ritwik uncle's wife and your aunt, she will be our daughter-in-law.)

“Toh phir mujhe bhi Chachi chahiye" Niharika said with excitement.(Then I also want aunt.)

“Areeyyy aap log Nihu ko toh yeh sab mat sikhao" Ritwik said picking up Niharika in his arms.(Atleast don't teach all this things to Nihu.)

“Tennu jab shaadi karni ho tab karna, bas mere marne seh pehle kar lena." Paramveer said to Ritwik.(Whenever you want to marry do it that then only, but just do it before I die.)

Listening this Ritwik whined"Dadu yaar, chalo ab ghar chalte hay aap thak gaye ho."( Oh please Dadu, come on let's go home you are tired.)

Everyone left the private lounge and head towards the Oberoi Villa.Everyone is sitting in living room when Dadu informs about ishani's invitation for dinner, listening this hemangini get excited because she always liked Ishani for Ritwik. After sometime everyone retarded to there room to take some rest.


Everyone except dadi is watching TV and playing with viaan. Dadi is in her room taking rest.

Meanwhile Shekhar's cell rings and it was Tanushree (his sister), he picked up the call and started talking with her about her family's health and well being.

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