Sunday Funday

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Everyone is having breakfast. There Dadu announce that today is Sunday and no office or work related talks. Today is only family time. To which everyone responds positively.

“Aapka yeh idea bahut aacha hai, papaji.” Asha said taking a bite of food. (This is very nice idea of yours, Dad)

“Kya acha idea hai! Koi important kam se call aaya ho tab kya hoga?” Kushan asked while interrupting. (What good idea! What if it is an important call)

“Toh kone me jaa ke baat karke aana!” Dadu replied. (Then you can go and talk in the corner.) Everyone laughs on this statement of Dadu.

“Dadu aaj ka kya plan hai?” Ruhani asks hoping something exciting. (What’s the plan of today?)

“First finish your breakfast, then I’ll tell you! ” Dadu said creating a little suspense for everyone.

“Please Dadu, don’t create suspense, tell us now.” Saying this Manav gestures Ritwik and Kavya to join him. Kavya and Ritwik asks one by one but Dadu is stick to his words.

After finishing their breakfast they all move towards living room where Dadu announces that they are going out to play golf.

Listening this all gents are happy but ladies face falls down. Further, Dadu tells that in that particular golf course, there is a Shopping Centre our female battalion can march there. Hearing the word shopping, all there fallen down faces lifts up.

“Go and get ready fast, we’ll left within an hour as I have done reservation so we don’t have much time.” Dadu said and everyone lefts for their rooms to get ready.

Before getting ready, gents are shining their golf club and on other hand ladies are making list of shopping.

All four ladies are sitting together and discussing the things to buy for them, for their rooms and crockery. The listing of things makes them happy.

Dadu is passing by the hallway passage to check whether all are getting ready or not but there he finds ladies sitting in the balcony of the floor , he notices that they are chit chatting about the shopping which they are going to do. Seeing them, Dadu head towards in that direction and tells everyone, “ Go get ready or else you’ll not gonna buy anything from your list.”

Listening this, all ladies gets up and goes to their respective rooms. All are getting ready and seeing this, Dadu also goes to his room and gets ready in no time.

Ritwik is ready and comes down first before anyone came. One by one everyone gathers in hall except the ladies of the house. Gents are waiting impatiently for them. After sometime they all come.

“You are wearing causals still you all took so much time.” Manav said annoyingly and all ladies glared him.

“See Dadu, they are glaring me.” Manav said.

“Stop all this drama and let’s leave.” Dadu tells everyone.

Everyone is on the way to there weekend place. They reach there and see a four storey building. First floor is golf course, second is food court, third and fourth floors are shopping centers and there is roof top restaurant.

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