Surprised Meet

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I was sitting at of bar counter. My eyes roaming in no particular direction, where I had seen someone who is familiar and catches my whole attention.

When I try to identify who is she, there three-four man crosses in between and I fail to identify. My eyes are going again and again in that particular direction. Later I recognize that she is none other than Ms. Palak.

I think I'm hallucinating so I thought to call Parth and Rishab so they can recognize her. I call them here and tell them to recognize that girl but they both are looking at me like I'm an alien.

I tell them to look over her and not me. On seeing her, they identify in a moment that she is Ms. Palak the supervisor of your new project. They also said that she is also looking damn beautiful. She looks different from her office look.

Listening to all this, I gets little excited to meet her. But something is stopping him to go towards her and I don't understand what it is. This dress fits perfect on her. Her light make up, her curly hair, everything is attractive like her.



When Tani and Palak reached the club they parked the car and saw the entrance of club and both said in unison, “After a long time." They both hi-fi and went inside the club. When they enters a loud music hits their ears which brings energy in them.

Going inside they directly hit the dance floor. While dancing on there favorite music Tani bumped to one guy and when he turns around, he's one of their friends from college times. Not even one but they are group of four people who were their classmates.

Tani and Palak greets everyone and dance along with them. One side of the bar counter Ritwik along his friends is seated and on the other side Palak is coming with her friends towards the bar counter where Ritwik is seated.

Palak didn't notice Ritwik but he noticed her in instance. They order drinks except Palak and she orders mock tail for herself. They all are talking about there college days and fun they had during that time but suddenly Tani notices Ritwik sitting at a little distance from there. She pokes on Palak’s arm to gain her attention in which she succeed, “What?” Palak said little loudly because of loud music.

“See on my left side.” Tani said gesturing Palak to see left side. Palak sees Ritwik and at the same time he looks at her direct and they have a small eye lock.

They don’t know what to do when they saw each other because of yesterday’s incident. Tani taps Palak’s shoulder to get her attention again and due to this their eye lock breaks.

“Do you see him?”


“Ritwik Oberoi”

“Yes, so what?”

“What are you waiting for go and talk to him!”

“No, I’m not going. See, he is with his friends so I won’t disturb him.”

“But he is your superior , you should meet him once.”

“Still not happening, it’s bad idea.” Palak said.

Listening this she drags Palak to Ritwik.

Ritwik didn’t expect that Palak will come to meet him after all that office things but putting all that thoughts aside he said, “Hi, Ms. Palak and you too.” He gestures to Tani.

“Hello, I’m Taniya Rai.” She said extending her hand for handshake and Ritwik reciprocate to it.

“Hello, Ms. Rai.” He said shaking his hand with her.

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