Best friend: The savior

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In both the houses everyone is up and following their daily routine. Today Ritwik is on cloud nine he have that never ending smile on his face and only Kushan noticed it. As usual they all left for their works after taking breakfast.

In Mehta Organizers:

Palak is finishing her progress report of yesterday which is being submitted to her dad or boss before leaving to Oberoi’s. Before submitting it she made a copy of it which is also being submitted to Oberoi’s. Then, she submits it and informs that she is going to Oberoi’s.

Later, on finishing her work she head towards Oberoi’s. There they started their work. Ritwik’s PA informs that Palak with her team are reported to the venue and started their work. They both are busy in their own work so they didn’t get time to meet or greet each other.

It is past lunch time but no one acknowledges that as they are busy in their work. Meanwhile, Ritwik’s PA comes and tell Palak that Ritwik sir invited her for lunch. Listening this, she looks at her watch and notices that it is past lunch time, so she order everyone to take a break.

“Sorry, I can’t come but please send this to your sir.” She said handing him a tiffin box. He nodded and left from there and headed to Ritwik’s cabin to inform him.

He reaches in his office with tiffin box and tells him that she is not coming for lunch and she had given this tiffin box for you.

Ritwik takes the tiffin box and opens it. The smell brings a smile on his face. It is Ritwik’s favorite ‘Thepla'. He thinks to message Palak but he remembers that he don’t have her number so he dm her on instagram.

Palak is taking rest for some while and she thought to check her phone whether some mail or important message is there or not. Then she noticed Ritwik’s message, she opens it and sees it. The message is, Thanks for thepla
now you have brought it for me, you have to join me for the lunch and I’m not taking no from you. Otherwise I’ll not eat this.

Reading this message, she without replying left to Ritwik’s cabin. She knocked and hears the come in.

She enters inside and complains to Ritwik, “Mr. Oberoi you seriously so stubborn.”
“Yes, I am. If I’ll eat this without you then along with stubborn I’ll become selfish too.” Ritwik said gesturing Palak to sit.

“It’s only for you, so you can have it alone.” Palak said taking the seat.

“You brought it for me so I wanted to share it with you.” Ritwik said then he orders her PA to bring their lunch.

Listening this Palak said, “No need Mr. Oberoi.”

“I’m not taking no from you and I have already ordered our lunch and I’m sure you don’t waste food.”

“OK fine, I don’t know how your mom handles your tantrums.” She said playfully.

Listening this, he felt little bad but he didn’t show it on his face and replies her, “I usually don’t throw tantrums on anyone.”

“OK I take it.”

Meanwhile their lunch arrives and they starts having it and Ritwik is having theplas with so much concentration. Palak is little smiling looking at Ritwik’s face. They finished their lunch and after sometime Palak said, “Can we resume our work?”

“Ya sure but you haven’t submitted yesterday’s report yet.” Ritwik said making an excuse to spend some more time with her.

“Oh, I forgot about it, I’ll submit it by 4.” She said while hitting her forehead.

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