Stuck in lift

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After completing the morning chores, Palak reaches with her team to the venue to work further.


Palak is instructing and helping her team to do best. They have done seventy percent of the work. After sometime, Ritwik comes to check the preparation. He is checking everything when his eyes fell on Palak.

She is wearing yellow kurti with reached her knees with denims and she has done high pony tail. Averted his gaze from her, he starts checking the arrangements by taking rounds of the venue. When he is roaming, Palak sees him and moves towards him.

“Good morning, Ritwik.” Hearing her voice he turns towards her and giving her a small smile, he said “Good morning Palak.”

“Do you like everything, if you want some change in the setting of arrangement, I’ll do that just cross check everything.”

“No need to change anything, everything is perfect.”

“OK Ritwik but if you find anything missing or incomplete than tell me.”

Looking at Palak, Ritwik finds that she is little stressed due to work.

“If you are free then we can have a cup of tea or coffee together.” Ritwik suggested.

“I really need tea right now. It works as a stress buster for me.”

Listening this Ritwik orders two cups of tea to the waiter. They both sits on the chair present there along with their drinks.

In meantime, bride’s brother comes there to check everything at last minute. He reach near Palak to ask her about remaining arrangements.

“Excuse me, Ms. Palak can I have talk with you?” Listening this Palak gets up putting her drink aside and said, “Yes sure.”

Saying this she excuses Ritwik and left with bride’s brother. Then they discussed about the arrangements and some other miscellaneous work related to wedding. After sometime he lefts. In meantime, Ritwik gets a call and he have to leave.

Palak comes near the place where she was sitting with Ritwik but not finding him there she thought that might be he had some important work so he have to leave. Leaving this thought aside, she joins back the work with her team.

After sometime while working she gets a call from PA Mohit,

Palak – Hello Mohit, what happened?

Mohit – Palak those invitation cards are ready, should I send them to the guest?

Palak – Yes send them to everyone but bring the invitation of Oberoi’s to me, I’ll give them personally.

Mohit – Okay, I will send them with your attire.

Palak – OK fine, I will talk to you later.

Mohit – Bye! Saying this they disconnected the call.

An hour later, a girl probably of Palak’s age comes and called Palak’s name to gain her attention. She is her colleague and she is here to give Palak's dress and invitation card. Palak thanked her then take a leave from her.

Putting her dress at a safe place. She lefts for Ritwik’s cabin, reaching there she knocks on door. Hearing a coming from him, she enters inside. Seeing her Ritwik asks, “Hey Palak I am sorry I got an important call that’s why I have to left, hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s okay Ritwik, I understand that. I’m not here to complain about it.”

“Okay but why are standing take a seat.”

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