Family Bonding

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•Mehta Mansion

Third person Pov;

It's Sunday Morning 7:30 am !!!
A lazy day of the weekend. There is a different hatred towards the alarm (sleep spoiler).

“Beeping Of Alarm”
“Shut up! You sleep spoiler.” A girl said groaning by laying on her bed.
Her mom adjusting the messed up things in her room and she had taken the sleep spoiler word on her and said firmly ,“Did you just said sleep spoiler to me?” and the girl ignores.

Oh!! Palak Mehta, “Gett off from your bed right now”. Her mom ordered
“Mumma please!!! Let me sleep for some while, it's Sunday yaar and not the typical working day.”
Palak replied while hiding her face in comforter.

Smita lefts Palak's bedroom and head towards the dinning room where Palak's father & dadi (Shekhar & Savitri) having breakfast(Dhokla, Fafda and Jalebi with Kadak Kadak chai).

“You have spoiled Palak” said Smita with irritation and sit for her breakfast.

“She had a hard week days during office hours, it's Sunday, let her sleep for some while more”. Her father replied defending her.

Her grandma (dadi) also defended her saying, “ Rather than complaining you should be proud of your daughter, besides having a son, your daughter is ready for handling the business set up by her father. Even if she sleeps for some while there is nothing wrong in it, she needs a beauty sleep as wholesale package of the week!!”

There her Bhabhi(Kavya) entered in dinning room and taken side of dadi and described Palak as hard working & ambitious girl of the family.

“She had chosen her carrier herself, we hadn't forced her into the business! Even if she is working hard its her choice and if she quiets we don't have any objections.” Her mother said

Due to these arguments between family members Palak wake up and head towards the dinning room yawning and asked everyone, “What's the matter? Why are everyone arguing so much on the Sunday morning & where are bhai & my cutie pie viaan ?”

“It's the matter on you that the way you are working hard to make our business more successful. Veer had an urgent meeting at Delhi in the early morning that's why he already taken off yesterday late night by flight and your cutie pie is having his sweet sleep”. Kavya replied.

Palak requested all of them to stop talking about her and be there whenever she needs their support.
Smita said to Palak,“Go get a bath and get ready as we all are going to temple within hour.

Palak left the dinning room and go to her room to get ready.


Everyone in Oberoi family is fitness & health conscious and even at Sunday everyone is working out.
Paramveer (Dadu) loves gardening a lot and spend his utmost time in the garden. He had given different names to different plants. He is in garden watering the plants in the morning.

Kaushal & Asha, Kushan & Roshni went for an early morning walk to nearby garden. Ritwik, Ruhani, Manav & Jenny are working out in their home established gym.

Brothers & sister have a strong bond with each other and are together.
In the gym Ritwik started a conversation, “ Bhai, I have misplaced an important file of new investors. If Dad found this that I have misplaced such an important thing of the Business, he'll get angry!!”
Manav advised Ritwik to get married
Ritwik said, “Yarr!! Is there any connection between the marriage and the misplacing the file? ”
Manav replied, “ If you are married, your wife is there to organize the things of yours and even keeps the things at the right place where you can find them easily.”
Jenny is on the treadmill besides Manav.
She hits on the shoulder of Manav
“Ooww”, Manav groans and asked, “Why are you hitting me woman?”
She replied,“ Oh hello! I'm not your caretaker. I'm your wife.”
Listening to their banter Ritwik and Ruhani started laughing.
“That's the reason, I'm not ready for the marriage right now." Ritwik said.
“But Bhai one day you have to marry."Ruhani said teasingly.
Manav stopped his treadmill and head towards Ritwik, putting his hand on Ritwik's shoulder and said“Yaar Ricky I have one doubt."

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