Inner Thoughts

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Today Ritwik is little early and seeing him Roshini becomes happy.

“Well Mr.CEO you are early today.” Roshini said playfully.

“What is this mom, if I comes late you taunts me and when I come early today you again taunts me?” Ritwik said annoyingly making faces

“Idiot, I’m just messing with you. Go and freshen up and then come downstairs we’ll talk.” She said hitting his forehead.

“OK mom, where is Ruhu?”

“She is in her room.”

Then he left for his room and reaching there he freshen up and changed in nightwear. Then he moves towards Ruhani’s room and knocks on the door. Ruhani said come in. As he enters he sees, Ruhani is searching something in her wardrobe.

“Hey bhai, do you need anything?”

“Actually I forget to talk with you in the office due to work so I thought to ask you now that how was your first day as an intern in Oberoi’s?”

“The day was good and I have learned new things and the staff is pretty good.”

“It’s really good that you are learning speedily and I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you bhai!! By the way what was the issue which that girl came with on the name of Oberoi’s?”

“Nothing its just a small misunderstanding with driver, he was not provided with proper address but everything gets sorted.”

“She has guts and confidence reflects from her personality. By the way who was that girl?”

“She is Palak Mehta, supervisor of Mehta Organizers and daughter of CEO.”

“Okay!! Come let’s go downstairs.”

“I have to talk with Manav bhai, I’ll join with him, you go.” Saying this he moves to Manav’s room.

He sees the door is open, he peeks inside and sees Manav sitting on bed doing something in his phone. He enters inside and sits besides him. Sensing someone’s presence Manav sees beside him and said,“ What happened, why are you here suddenly?”

“Aab me aapne bhai k room me milne bhi nahi aa sakta?” Ritwik said dramatically. (Now can’t I even come to meet my brother in his room?)

“Drama mat kar, sidhe sidhe bol nahi toh chaped khayega.” Manav said glaring at Ritwik but end up laughing. (Stop doing drama, tell me what it is or else I’ll slap you)

“OK fine, I’m here to share a good news with you.” Ritwik said with a goofy smile and seeing his face Manav raised his one eye brow.

“Maine toh sirf friendship karne ke liye kaha tha par tu toh good news leke hi aa gaya!” Manav said with a shocked face. ( I told you to befriend her but you are here with good news.)

Listening this Ritwik hits Manav with a pillow and said, “Kya yaar bhai kuch bhi bolte ho, pahele meri puri baat toh suno.” (What s**t are you talking about bro? Atleast listen to my whole thing)

“Ok fine, tell me.” This time Manav said seriously.

“Today, I talked with Palak in the morning and asked for friendship and she said yes and by the evening we went for coffee.” Ritwik said in one go.

“Ooh bhai, tu toh bahut tez nikala, sidha date pe hi le gaya.” Manav said with a smirk. (Great man, you are really fast in first meet only you take her on date)

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