Dinner with her family

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Palak and her team is about to leave for Oberoi’s. When Shekhar’s PA informs Palak that sir is waiting for you in his cabin. She move towards his cabin and taking his permission she enters.

“You called me, sir?” She asks entering inside.

“Jyare koi na hoye tyare mane sir kehvani jaroor nathi.” Shekhar told her (No need to call me sir when no one is around)

“Su karvanu aadat padi gai che.” Palak said (I’m habitual to it, what to do)

“OK fine leave it, I called you here to inform that today you leave little early for home.”

“Why dad anything serious?”

“Nothing serious, your mom tell me to inform you this.”

“OK no problem, I’ll leave by five.” Saying this she leaves the cabin.

Then she leaves with her team for Oberoi’s.


Palak with her team reach and starts working at venue. Ritwik is busy in completing all his work by evening as he have to go for dinner at Mehta’s by eight. Whole day was busy for Palak and Ritwik and at five, she submitting her daily report leaves for her home. Ritwik notices that today Palak has leaved early so he finds himself at fault that because of him she have to manage her chores.


After coming home, Palak directly goes to her room and gets changed in Indian bohemian blue rayon printed kurti with palazzo pant. Then she goes to kitchen to help Smita and Kavya wearing an apron. They starts cooking and right now Palak is making Dal-Tadka and Moong Dal ka halwa. They prepared everything before time and then set the dining table.

Shekhar with Viaan are passing by the kitchen and smelling the aroma of the food he thinks to check on it. So, Shekhar with viaan in his arms checks the food dishes one by one. Seeing varieties of food Viaan gets excited and he gestures with finger towards the food and then putting that finger in mouth he tries to say that he want to eat. Understanding his baby language, Palak takes Khandvi from the bowl and feed it to Viaan. He likes it so he smiles widely.

It is eight and after sometime door bell rings. Veer opens the door and it’s Ritwik, he welcome him inside and calls everyone.



It's 7:30, I think I should leave now. I drive towards Mehta Mansion then suddenly it strikes me that I should buy something as a gift. So, I stops at a chocolate shop and purchased dark chocolates gift hamper. Then I moved to Mehta Mansion and reaching there I get down from my car and head towards the entrance. I rang the doorbell and after a while a man in his late twenties and he looked familiar , then he welcomed me inside and called everyone.

First I greets Shekhar sir by shaking hands but he told me not to be formal and hugs me. Then I bow down to Shekhar Sir’s mother. Taking her blessings, then I greets Mrs. Mehta.

Shekhar sir introduces me with everyone then I get to Know about everyone's name and I find out that viaan is Palak's brother's son. When me, Shekhar sir and Veer were talking in meanwhile ladies set the dinner.

After sometime they calls us for dinner and we all get seated on dinning table except Ms. Palak as she is in kitchen. I'm served with whole of gujarati varieties. Everyone praises the delicious food. Then Shekhar sir asked me, “Did you like our gujarati food?"

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