Growing Friendship

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8:00 PM

Shangeet function is going to start in few minutes and guests are started arriving so, Palak is keeping an eye on everything. She is wearing black and blue floral gown with half sleeves lace printed and a messy side hair bun.

In meantime PA Mohit arrives to accompany and help Palak. The function is started and the clients are impressed and satisfied with decorations and arrangements. Palak is roaming in whole venue at different time intervals to check everything.

Meanwhile, Ritwik arrives with his PA when he sees Palak getting hyper every seconds so, he moves towards her leaving his PA there only. Palak is instructing to some of the waiters at the same time Ritwik taps on her shoulder to gain her attention. She turns around and sees him then she again turns towards waiters, “You all can go now.” Saying this she again turns towards Ritwik and asks him, “Yes Mr. Oberoi, do you need something.”

“No, I just came and saw you getting hyper so I came here.“

“I’m not getting hyper, I just want the things to be perfect because I don’t want any loopholes in my plan.”

“That’s good but you calm down little bit.”

“OK fine, Mr. Oberoi.”

“By the way you are looking beautiful and I hope friends can compliment each other.”

“Thank you and yes they can.”

They both are talking generally.

Meanwhile at Oberoi Villa:

Everyone are waiting for Ritwik as Tani has already arrived. Kushan thinks to call Ritwik and ask him about where he’s about but he didn’t pick up the call. So, Kushan calls Ritwik’s PA and he picks up in fourth ring.

PA – Hello sir, good evening.

Kushan – Hello, where are you?

PA – I’m in function with sir.

Kushan – At which function and where is he, why is he not answering my calls?

PA – We are at function which is held here in Oberoi’s and he is with Palak Mam and maybe because of loud music he didn’t pick up the call and if you want I can inform him about your call.

Kushan – No, it’s okay. Saying this he hangs up the call. Kushan informs everyone that Ritwik is attending the function so we should not have to wait but his mind is wandering over Palak and Ritwik’s thoughts. Everyone are going towards to dinning table when Kushan calls Ruhani secretly. “What happened dad, why did you call me like this? Ruhani whispers so that no one can hears their conversation.

“Did you keep an eye on Ritwik?” He also said in same tone like her.

“Whenever I got chance I used to check on him but he just met once.”

“Okay, anything else you noticed?”


“Fine, come on let’s have dinner.” Saying this they head towards dinning table.


Wedding Venue, 11:00 PM

Shangeet function is about to end, Palak is instructing the workers about that work have to be done after the end of function because tomorrow is wedding. So they have to complete some portion of work tonight and the other to be completed by tomorrow’s afternoon.

After the function gets over and when everyone including guests departs, Palak gets changed into simple red kurti and white palazzo pants and Ritwik is in his cabin because he got to know that Palak is staying here till midnight for supervising everything. He texts his mother that he’ll get little late because of important work so not to wait for him.

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