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Randy let me sleep in the bedroom as he stayed up downstairs. If it wasn't for the bars on the windows, I would've escaped, I thought.

I thought about texting Justin but I couldn't. Not after everything that had happened after that bad dinner at his parents' house. I wanted him to be happy and find someone his parents would approve of and that someone wasn't me.

He was probably mad at me. And he had every right to be but this was for the best, I thought. He was going to be happy someday, without me. This was my destiny. I always believed that the universe hated me and I was right. What Randy had planned for me was going to be my ending and, for some reason, a small part of me began to accept it.


It was about 3am when Randy walked into the room and woke me up.

"Hey, go shower." He said to me.

I opened my eyes and looked at him.

"Go shower. You got 15 minutes." He said to me.

I nodded my head and made my way to the bathroom.

It looked smaller than I remembered, but then I realised that maybe that was because I'd gotten used to Justin's massive bathrooms.

I hid my phone under my clothes and took a shower.

This may be my last proper one so I did my best to get super clean.

I wanted to cry and let my emotions out but I only had 15 minutes. That wasn't enough time at all.

I dried myself up as I started at myself in the mirror.

Thoughts of Justin came rushing in. I was torn between loving him and not fitting into his world. I should've taken Ms Jones' advice and just let things happen. It hurt so much though, just the memory of how Richard looked at me and how he spoke to me... A permanent reminder that I didn't belong.

I had to try and forget him.

I got dressed again and put my phone back in my bra then I went to put a coat over my sweater. I sat on the bed and brushed my hair as thoughts of what would happen to me took over my mind.

I froze when I heard voices downstairs and I knew that Randy's 'friends' were here for me.

I felt myself want to cry as fear took over. I quickly tied my hair up and moved back on the bed, sitting with my knees up to my chest. I said a silent prayer. For myself and for Justin; mostly for Justin. I hoped he was okay and that he'd forgiven me for hurting him and for wasting his time and money.

Two tall men walked in. They looked really big and built. One was bald and the other had dreadlocks. Both were dressed in black. Randy stood behind the men as they walked up to me.

"She really is beautiful." The bald one said, his accent sounding British.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and locked gazes with Randy. He had no emotion in his face and I knew that he'd planned this a long time ago.

"Delilah, is it?" The bald man said to me. "Nice to meet you. We're Randy's friends and we're here to make your life better."

Was he kidding me right now?

I stared at the bald man, realising that even if I wanted to, there was absolutely no way to run away from this.

"Come with us." The bald man held out his hand.

I stayed in place.

"Come with us." He said again.

I didn't move.

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