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Please read my author's note at the end 💕

I woke up suddenly, realising that I hadn't heard the alarm go off to wake me for another day at the home. Pattie would be disappointed and I knew it.

It was 11am, the clock said. Getting up to even attempt to get ready for work would be a joke so I decided I'd call Pattie later to apologise. I didn't know what I'd say to her because she really didn't need to know about mine and Justin's long and interesting night.

I rolled onto my side and faced the empty space that Justin had left in the bed and my lips curved into a frown. Was it too demanding to just want to be held in the morning?

On Justin's pillow was a note. I guessed it had to do with an urgent meeting so I hesitated to read it. I got out of bed and went to brush my teeth, wash my face and find a way to tame my thick hair. After putting on some clothes, I picked up Justin's note and took it downstairs with me.

"Miss Banks." Catherine smiled at me.

"I missed breakfast, didn't I?" I frowned.

"Yes. But I'll make you something for brunch. What would you like?"

"A cheese and tomato sandwich will do. Thank you, Catherine."

I felt so embarrassed to be up so late. I'd never missed a meal!

'Damn you, Justin Bieber!'

"Anything to drink?" Catherine asked.

"Some apple juice, thanks." I sat at the island and watched Catherine work around the kitchen.

After she served me my food, she left the room to get working on another.

I had my food and read Justin's note that I wasn't keen to.

"Good morning, sweetheart. I'm sorry I'm not there to hold you this morning. My dad called to ask that I meet with him to discuss work (and other things). You were so peaceful in your sleep, I turned off your alarm so you could get some rest. I'll call my mom in the day with a good excuse as to why you didn't show up to work today.

So now you have two reasons to be mad at me BUT I have a way to make up for it. Lewis will pick you up at 4:30pm on the dot and drive you to this special location. I promise you'll love it.

I love you, baby. See you soon.


PS: you might want to bring an overnight bag ;)"

I wanted so badly to roll my eyes but I knew that Justin was quite the romantic so I couldn't wait to see what he had planned.

My stomach turned slightly at the 'and other things' part that Justin had included in his little note about what he and Richard were going to talk about. I couldn't help but think I'd be among those 'other things'. I knew very well that Richard hated the mere sight of me and I hated that it even bothered me but it did and I couldn't help but imagine him trying to talk Justin into dumping me.

I wasn't hungry anymore. I finished my juice and headed up the stairs to Justin's study to get those driving books he got me. Those were a good source of distraction from my ugly thoughts.

I sat on a couch in the study and got to reading. I hoped to have all this information locked into my head ASAP so I could shock Justin and be on my way to being a good driver like him. I started wondering how he remembered how to drive when Lewis did the driving 99% of the time. Maybe driving was like riding a bike: you never forgot once you got it.

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