Forty Two.

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"Justin..." I was walking down the path of his grandparents' house with my arms waving desperately in front of me while he guided me since he'd covered my eyes with a silk scarf.

"Relax, Dileah." He kept saying to me. "We're almost there."

"I didn't even get to finish my dinner." I complained. "What's so important?"

"You'll see in a few seconds."

I groaned.

Justin hadn't joined us for dinner and his family kept covering for him each time I asked about his whereabouts. The man walks into the house as we're eating and thinks it's a great idea to separate me from the good food I was having. For what?

"Justin, for real..."

We stopped in our tracks.

"Since when are you so impatient?" I could sense Justin smiling.

"Since I wasn't allowed to finish eating a meal that Ms Jones and Diane made. Now I have to wait a year to get a taste of it again." I crossed my arms.

"I'm sure they'll keep your food safe for you."

"And what about you? Aren't you hungry?" I turned to face him as if I could see him.

"I had a burger."

"'I had a burger'." I mocked him in a high pitched voice.

He chuckled.

"You know, we can stand here in the cold and argue about food or I could let you see what's in front of us." He said.

"Sorry." I said.

"I forgive you and I promise you, after this, you won't care about food."

I felt him start to uncover my eyes.

I kept my eyes shut in anticipation and I bit my lip in excitement.

"You can open your eyes, sweetheart." Justin said.

I squealed and bounced around as I shook my head.

"Dileah." He laughed lightly.

I slowly opened one eye and quickly covered my mouth as shock washed over me.

"Justin!" I threw myself into his arms and spazzed uncontrollably.

In front of us was a white carriage with two white horses and a man in white waiting to take us somewhere.

It was like something I'd read out of a fairytale. It was beautiful! Especially with the snow covering the ground and trees and the sky being so beautiful... it was beautiful!

From behind us, as Justin held me in his arms, I saw his whole family and Ms Jones standing outside, watching us with smiles on their faces and, in Pattie's case, her cellphone in her hand, probably taking pictures.

"I'm starting to freeze." I heard Justin say.

I giggled and let go of him. I took his hand and squealed as I pulled him towards our ride.

I didn't even care that I didn't look royal enough to be riding this thing. In my jeans, boots and sweater, I was far from looking like a black Cinderella but I didn't care.

Justin opened the door and I climbed in and clapped my hands excitedly as he climbed in too.

On the seat opposite the one we sat on was a coat, gloves and a cardboard holder that held two cups of coffee in place.

"These are for you." Justin handed me the coat and gloves to put on then he and I each had a coffee.

I was speechless. For the most part, I just wanted to cry because I was in great shock.

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