Twenty Eight.

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After about a week and a few days of resting and getting my head in the right place, I decided that I was fit enough to head back to the orphanage to help out like I'd committed to. I'd gotten a good talk from Ms Jones in New York, Justin was doing better and today he'd be going to sort things out with Kelly.

The weather was harsh in the morning with more rain and wind, and I found myself running back into the penthouse to grab a beanie and gloves to keep warm. The wind was cold and it was clear that this Christmas would be different.

I walked into the orphanage and found that it was abuzz with Pattie's entire charity team doing the best they could to make sure everything would be ready for the children's concert. I didn't hesitate to lend a hand and, because the kids had offered to help out too, my face was soon covered in paint.

"Dileah, could you help me bring in some presents?" Pattie asked me as she quickly walked past me.

I got up and followed her out to the cold and hugged myself as I watched her unload some wrapped boxes from her car and hand them to two of the team members that were patiently waiting to lend a hand.

'How were they not frozen already?'

"How are you feeling lately?" Pattie smiled at me as she handed me a box.

"Good, thank you. You and Justin have really been of help to me." I said honestly.

She nodded, "Richard is adjusting. He's sorry for being so hard on you."

I didn't respond.

"Actually, we were wondering if you could join us for Thanksgiving dinner."

I looked at Pattie.

I'd honestly hoped to spend that day with Justin alone. The last time I was at the Harrison's home, it didn't end well. And the last time I spoke to Richard, I'd somewhat released my anger on him. If there was anyone I needed to thank, it was Justin and Pattie. I didn't have much to say to Richard.

"It'll be fun. I promise." Pattie assured me.

"Do I have to buy presents?" I asked.

"No, you don't, sweetie." She smiled.

I nodded.

"Uhm... o-okay. I'll think about it."

Pattie nodded too then handed me another box.

"That's all I ask."

I sighed and headed back into the home ahead of Pattie. We went to leave the boxes in a store room where they'd be kept until Christmas morning for the kids to open.

"Oh my goodness, I forgot to lock my car." Pattie said as we stacked the boxes neatly.

"I'll lock it, if you want?" I offered.

"Oh thanks, Dileah. Today's quite hectic. Little things are slipping my mind." She chuckled.

"Is it like this every year?"

"You have no idea. Every year there are new children brought in, sometimes I lose help for various reasons... it's hard but it's worth it. Sometimes I wish I could take all the kids away for Christmas to Disney Land or even my home for a day. It would be so much easier."

"Why can't you?"

"It's not allowed." Pattie smiled weakly.

I frowned.

She had so much love to give. There was so much she wanted to do but she couldn't see that what she was already doing was amazing.

"I should go check on the children who are helping with the props." Pattie said. "I hope they're not painting everything they see."

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