Forty Four.

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I was expecting to spend the rest of December in Miami with Justin but apparently Pattie had other plans for us. She threw New Years parties with family every year and this year's one was taking place in New York.

Justin and I booked into Justin's favourite NYC hotel; yes, the same one I used to work at and I took a shower once we got settled then put on my pyjamas.

Honestly, all this flying back and forth was going to take some getting used to.

"I'm sensing we're spending the day in tomorrow." Justin said as I threw myself on the bed.

"You got it." I spoke into a pillow.

"The flight from Canada to New York wasn't even that bad." Justin gently slapped my butt.

"Well I've never been from Miami to Paris to Canada to New York all in the space of a few weeks. And then we'll be off to Miami again at some point, maybe next week. So let me be."

"Yes, ma'am."

I rolled onto my side and faced Justin.

"But I've had lots of fun." I smiled.

"I know you have. I'm glad."

"What do you wanna do tomorrow?"

Justin laid down next to me.

"We can watch movies?" He suggested.

"Hmm..." I thought. "Maybe you can help me wash my hair too?"

He smiled.

"You testing me?" He asked.

"I just thought you might be curious."

"I am."

"Well, most of our day is going to revolve around my hair so that's most of our day planned."

"You never take too long to wash your own hair."

"Because I've been washing my own hair for years. I'm a pro." I smiled.

"You ever been to a salon to get it done?"


"Ever been to get your nails done?"


"Gotten a facial?"

"No, Justin." I rolled onto my back. "What are you insinuating anyway? Something wrong with my hair, face and nails lately?"

"No." He smiled. "I was just curious. Maybe I should send you off for a day of pampering."

"So you don't have to wash my hair?"

"I'd love to wash your hair, baby." Justin stroked my cheek. "I just think it's all something nice for you to experience. My mom says every woman needs to be pampered at least once in her life."

I looked at my hands.

"I'd love to get my nails done." I said. "With all the work I used to do, I never saw the point of manicures and stuff."

"Then how about I help you wash your hair tomorrow and then you can go get pampered?"


"You can go with Ms Jones?"

I chuckled.

"Please. Can you imagine her getting her nails done?"

"No." Justin smiled. "But it would be a sight worth paying for."

"You're testing Ms Jones."

"Come on. Don't you think she'd enjoy being pampered with you? Mother-daughter stuff."

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