Forty Five.

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I stretched my limbs out as my eyes opened. There was plenty of light shining through the two glass doors that lead to the balcony and, although I knew for certain that it was cold outside, seeing the sun shine so brightly gave me a little bit of hope for warm, bearable weather.

I could hear water run in the bathroom and I figured that Justin had been up for a while. It was just after 10am, my phone told me, and I was really hungry.

I sat up slowly and pulled the covers over my chest as I yawned.

Today would be the perfect day to go out and do something but I felt lazy. All I wanted to do was eat, stay in bed or be a couch potato until I had to get ready for Pattie's party later in the day.

I couldn't believe the year had gone by so fast and that in just a matter of hours, we'd be in a new year. I had a good feeling about the coming year and it had to do with Justin being in my life. I'd never been optimistic about anything before I met him but I knew now that bigger, better things waited for us in the new year and, if he was going to be right by my side, I was ready for anything.

I put on a pair of panties and Justin's sweater from the day before then I went to order up some food for us both.

My body ached slightly but I wouldn't tell that to Justin. It would make him smug and I didn't need him cracking pervy jokes today.

Thankfully, my hair was still looking good from yesterday. I could feel it as I touched it so I was sure I'd look good in the evening... unless, for some reason, I got it wet. Justin definitely enjoyed the new feel of my hair last night and it made me want to laugh because I knew he was expecting it to stay soft and straight for a long, long time. Nature could surprise us and I could wake up tomorrow with an afro puff. His reaction would be priceless, I knew it.

I headed to the bedroom to make the bed as best as I could and I took a seat on the edge and looked at my reflection in the mirrors that were closet doors.

It wasn't so long ago that I was lying in this very suite, too afraid to even look at my own reflection because I was beat up and so ashamed of myself.

My first night in this suite would never be forgotten. That was probably the first time I fell in love with Justin's soft nature.

"Good morning."

I turned around and smiled at my half naked boyfriend.

Justin had a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing else. His skin was still dripping wet from his shower and, if it wasn't for my aching muscles, I would've thrown myself at him to show him a really good morning.

"Hey." I said.

He placed a kiss on my cheek then went to dig in his suitcase for some underwear and something to wear.

"How did you sleep?" He asked me.

"Really well, thanks. You?"

"Really well."

I smiled.

It was always so cute how he'd check on how I slept every morning after an exciting night. At first I used to think it was because he was concerned about whether or not he'd hurt me-- and a small part of me still thought that way because I knew I'd always be vulnerable Dileah to him-- but now I was sure he checked on me just to boost his ego.

"I ordered some food for us." I told him. "I didn't know what you felt like so I asked for a variety of stuff. I hope that's okay."

"As long as you asked for coffee too." Justin smiled.

"I definitely did." I nodded.

I watched him get dressed. He put on a pair of maroon joggers, a long sleeved t-shirt and then a pair of socks.

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