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I was woken up by the sound of the iron door being kicked open. All of the girls groaned, cussed and muttered and some men walked in. I recognized the bald guy from Randy's house.

They called out names one at a time and one at a time, some girls got up and walked out the room. None of them seemed happy at all and that made me nervous.

"Delilah Banks." The bald man read my name off the clipboard he had in his hands.

I looked around, hoping that there was a Delilah in here but no one got up. I realised that he got my name wrong. I got up slowly and walked towards him.

The man gave me a dirty grin that sent shivers down my spine.

I walked through the door and was grabbed by a man with a really bad haircut. He roughly wrapped his arm around me and suffocated me just like the bald guy had at Randy's house.

When I woke up, I was in a room with the other girls but I felt drowsy and light-headed. I was on the floor and it was dark. My vision was blurred and I wanted to get back to sleep. And I did.

When I woke up again, I was on a man's shoulder. I still felt the same but now that panic took over my body, I didn't want to sleep at all.

The man placed me in a chair in a dark room and he cuffed one of my arms to the arm rest.

I had no strength to fight or scream because, to be honest, I'd accepted this situation.

"You're gonna be in high demand tonight, sweet cheeks." The man stroked my cheek with his rough hands.

I winced and closed my eyes.

He patted my cheek.

"Keep those eyes open. They want to see your eyes."

I fought to keep my eyes open as the man left me alone, locking a door.

I squinted my eyes as a spotlight shined on me. That ought to keep my eyes open.

I noticed that I was in a glass room.

I heard someone speak loudly, perhaps through a microphone, in a foreign language. Randy said I'd be taken to Russia so I assumed it was Russian. I heard some beeping every now and then and as I looked harder, I realised that each time there was a beep, a red light would shine over what looked like a booth.

I heard the door of the room I was in unlock and the man returned. He uncuffed me and told me to get up and I did. He took away the chair I sat in and walked out, locking me in again.

"Delilah, please turn around. Give us a twirl." The loud voice spoke to me.

I felt weak and drowsy but my legs carried me and I did a 360 degree turn.

I wished I had something to hold onto because I just wanted to sit or lie down, to sleep.

"Step forward." The voice said.

Fighting to keep my eyes open, my vision blurred, I took a few dizzy steps forward and tried to keep my balance.

"Smile, beautiful." The voice said.

I couldn't. Not even if I wanted to.

I heard the beeping start again.

I ran my hands over my face a few times to keep awake.

The beeping continued and I found myself stumbling across the room in attempt to find my balance.

The door unlocked again and the man came and lifted me over his shoulder once more.

I let go of myself and closed my eyes, unable to keep awake any longer.


I woke up with the sunlight hitting my face, making me feel so warm.

I still felt drowsy and I felt a little nauseas this time.

I wasn't in that dark room anymore. I could tell because I was lying in a bed and a dim light illuminated the small room.

I was in a single bed. There was a window of which its curtain was closed, I noticed a basin and a wooden chair in the corner.

I tried lifting my head but it felt heavy.

Just as I was about to give in and close my eyes, the metal door opened and a big man with dreads walked in.

"Good, you're up. I brought you food." He said.

In his hands was a silver bowl and a spoon and I knew exactly what was in there.

The sales didn't go well, I assumed, because according to that dirty blonde, food got better when the sales did.

I shook my head at the man and I suddenly felt scared.

"You've gotta eat." He said firmly.

I shook my head again. He sighed and placed the bowl on the wooden chair.

"Okay then, when you wake up, after our client's done with you, you can eat."


The man walked towards me and took a needle out of his back pocket. He took my arm and I watched him inject me.

I was horrified! I couldn't even move because I felt like I couldn't control my body anymore.

I felt drowsier than before.

The man smiled proudly to himself then discarded the needle in a bin that was just underneath the basin.

Just as I was about to give in to the drowsiness, another man walked in then he made the one with dreads collapse.

I couldn't quite make out who this guy was at first, but when he neared me to lift me, I knew that I was either being kidnapped or rescued.

"Wh--" I tried to speak but my dry throat failed me.

The man gave me a warm smile then put his finger to his lips before lifting me over his shoulder.

I was being rescued. By who? The cops? How did they know about all of this?

My limbs flopped and I let my eyelids close, too tired to ask the man questions, even more tired to give him a hug and cry about the rescue.

As he walked out the room with me, I heard him lock the door. He began to walk down a long corridor.

I tried to open my eyes, just to see what all the thudding sound was about. I did and I saw that men dropped before us. Whatever this guy was using was quiet and the men didn't make much noise as they collapsed.

I got tired of paying attention so I fell asleep.

When woke, it was from commotion. I was being lowered into a boat quickly and the man was shouting.

I curled up in the arms of whoever had caught me and I wished it was Justin. This person wore a leather jacket that felt cold beneath me. I couldn't quite open my eyes because I felt drowsy. I felt a blanket be placed on top of me and that just encouraged my sleepiness.

"Justin?" I whispered.

"Hurry the fuck up and get this boat out of here!" I heard the man shout.

At that, we started moving. The last thing I heard was helicopters and sirens in the distance.

The man who held me hadn't said anything to me. He hadn't kissed me or touched me. If it was Justin, I understood why. He was mad at me, disappointed in me, upset by me. But I craved his touch and I promised myself I'd try to be better for him. I'd start off with not caring what other people thought of us. I knew it would be hard but it would be worth the challenge because I loved him and wanted him back.

I needed my anchor because I was caught in a storm.

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